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How I would have Made Skyrim: Main Quest/Civil War Faction Overview

TheElderScrolls15 - How I would have Made Skyrim: Main Quest/Civil War Faction Overview

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Hello once more! So here we are, past the Guilds and now onto the Main quest/Civil War. It feels very nice to move onto something different for this series(though I will go back to factions after this). For those who are new to this. This is a series where I reimagine Skyrim in a more idealized form, and so far I have done the Companions, College of Winterhold and Bard's College, Thieves' Guild and Dark Brotherhood. You don't have to look back at them if you don't want to, but for this entry, I highly recommend reading the first entry in the series: How I would have Made Skyrim: An Introduction and World as I will be referencing that a lot. Again, you don't have to, but you'll probably be confused if you don't. Now, let's begin with an overview, as well as presenting the main sides of the civil war.

The Civil is both the main backdrop, as well as the main quest for this version of Skyrim. There is no return of Alduin, in fact Dragons are still very much extinct for the most part. The Civil War is between two factions, the Loyalists and Traditionalists. The Loyalists are basically this version of Skyrim's… well version of the Imperials, while the Traditionalists are the Stormcloaks. With the High King assassinated before he could grant independence to Skyrim due to frustration with the Empire for lack of support during the aftermath of the Oblivion Crisis(this version of Skyrim takes place 10 years after Oblivion. Again, read the first entry if you're confused), the Loyalists fight to make sure Skyrim does not leave the Empire while the Traditionalists fight for the independence they were promised. All the while several smaller factions are running around, who can fight alongside or against your chosen side, or remain neutral depending on your choices.

The Loyalists is politically "led" by Jarl Elisif the Fair, however is militarily led by her step-brother, Grandmaster Volkhmund Voicebreaker of the Blades. Volkhmund basically acts as a replacement for General Tullius(though Tullius is in this version), and is zealous in his hatred of the Traditionalists, merciless and overly blood hungry. He was also once a student of the Greybeards, much like Ulfric, and can use the Voice, hence the name Voicebreaker. However, he is also secretly a worshiper of Sanguine, and has sexually abused Elisif in the past. Elisif is a relatively new Jarl, as her father was the High King, and she was his only true heir(Volkhmund was a bastard child) and due to this is guided by the members of her royal court, specifically her court mage in particular. Who in this is still secretly a vampire, and is manipulating Elisif for her own goals.

The Tradtionalists are led by Ulfric Stormcloak. Unlike his vanilla counterpart, this version of Ulfric is a young man, around early 20s(unlike his vanilla counterpart, who is 50) and has a Dunmer wife and daughter. Galmar Stone-Fist is his second in command, however instead of both of them being veterans of the Great War(since in this version that hasn't happened yet), they are both survivors of the Oblivion crisis, and Galmar was Ulfric's personal caretaker/trainer when he was younger. Galmar is an old man and… is still very much an elf racist. The Traditionalists have made an alliance with the Dunmer Great House Redoran, and well as the former Great House Hlaalu. Ulfric had married his wife for more political reasons to help the alliance stay strong, and isn't very sure whether or not he even likes the woman. Ulfric is a young, hotheaded and angry man who is devastated about the loss of his father during the Oblivion Crisis. However, Ulfric's claim to the throne as High King is legitimate, as Ulfric is a descendant of Ysgramor himself and plans to reinstate the Nordic Religion that had been abandoned long ago, this is another reason why the Traditionalists follow him. They're sick of the Empire, they're sick of the Divines, and they are very sick of anything to do with Tiber Septim/Talos.


The smaller factions between these two are as a followed:
The Vigilants of Stendarr: Wandering mercenaries who act as guards for undefended villages to defend against bandits. Can join either side

The Forsworn: Pretty much the exact same as the vanilla game, but very much less zealous and are able to cooperate with either side

The Blades: Act as a secret police and a specialized position within the loyalist forces focusing on spywork, intrigue, and assassinations. Side with Loyalists.

Order of the Dragon's Blood: Bodyguards of Jarl Elisif, Volkhmund and their relatives, highly urban specialization of the Blades. Side with Loyalists.

Order of the New Crown: Bodyguards of Jarl Ulfric, his family and Galmar. Highly urban specialization of the Traditionalist troops. Side with Traditionalists.

Morthal Vampire Clan: Use enthralled soldiers as heavy shock troops due to enhanced endurance. Can join either side.

Dragon Cult: Closest thing you'll get to a main bad guy in this version. Again, there is no return of the dragons or Alduin, the Dragon Cult simply want to reinstate the Old Nordic Religion instead of the version Ulfric wishes to. To do this they will attempt to integrate themselves into both the Loyalists and Traditionalists in an attempt to achieve this goal. The Cult is led by the Dragon Priest Nahkriin and is based in Skuldafn(the final area of the vanilla game before you go into Sovngarde).

Now, the reason I made these changes was because, honestly I think there a bit more interesting than what we got in the base game, both for the main quest, and Civil War respectively. The Civil War was supposed to be this big, massive thing, but it wasn't, and was a side quest for some reason. The Main quest felt very lackluster and had too much emphasis on player urgency, whilst also encouraging you to go off the beaten path and explore. I feel that making the Mainquest and the Civil War the same thing, both allows the conflict of the Civil War to be properly explored, but also allow the player to actually go at their own pace and not feel urged as they are not the dragonborn, they are not a legendary hero. They are simply a guy who becomes a hero through the civil conflict they face. Also, getting rid of the Thalmor and their secret plan to initiate the war and keep it going was done because not only are the Thalmor aren't in this version, but that was also stupid. So instead this version's conflict is entirely between the people of Skyrim itself and not some foreign enemy trying to ruin everything.

That is about it for the overview of the factions that can take part in the Civil War. While the "Smaller" factions are not quite as big as the Loyalists or Traditionalists as a whole, I do plan on giving them each a good amount of detail in their own right, especially the Dragon Cult. Please, tell me what you thought of my ideas. Do you like them? Do you dislike them? I wanna know, and I wanna hear your own ideas. Have a nice day~

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