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How I would have Made Skyrim: The Bard’s College

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The third entry into my "How I would have Made Skyrim" series. For those unfamiliar, for the past few months, I've been displaying my own, idealized version of Skyrim, covering what I personally thought of as it's main flaws in terms of writing. I recommend going back and reading the first entry "How I would have made Skyrim: An Introduction and World" as this version of Skyrim is very different than the vanilla, so you might be confused. I'll also be spoiling the game so in case people have not played it, be warned. Now, on with the show.

The Bard's College is, well… Not really a faction but instead a series of small side quests linked together. You don't play any instruments, you don't learn anything, but by going through a dungeon and lying about a tablet, that makes you a Bard, I guess? Let's just say, I will be changing a lot about the College in order to make it a proper and interesting faction. One aspect of it being that, as a Bard you will get to make what amounts to as propaganda for whatever factions you side with/are against in the Civil War(as in this series, the Civil War is the main quest and would be a lot bigger, with no return of the dragons. Again, refer to the first entry to avoid confusion).

Now, the Bard's College would be a bit bigger, and be in between the rich and poor areas of Solitude(the city would be bigger, but I'm not getting into detail). It would be on it's own campus, with a least three buildings. One for dorm rooms, two for teaching various subjects. Students would be taught reading, history, music, poetry and alchemy on a small level. However, shadier subjects such as manipulation, poisoning and swordsmanship would be discovered in the Guild's quest line.

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Said quest line would be about the player learning as much as they could from the college before discovering a secret organization within the Guild known as The Whispers, with both students and teachers being apart of it. Their goal is to gain political influence in Solitude by having their leader becoming Headmaster/misteress of the college(which is a form of nobility in Solitude), in order to aid the Loyalist rebellion(again, check first entry if confused). The Player will then have to either work with or against The Whispers, ending with either the Whisper Leader becoming Headmistress, with you becoming their personal agent, or with the current Headmaster remaining, with you graduating as a Master Bard. All the while having to deal with College Melodrama sidequests.

This questline would be more inclined towards political espionage/spy work instead of going through dungeons and adventuring, even though there would be a small bit of that. I feel that works well for the Bard character, as they are normally someone who is not a big strong warrior, but a scholar, and someone who uses their words more than their sword. Working with the Whispers would have you manipulate and backstab your way to success, accusing others of your own foul deeds and maintaining your power and control. Going against them will have you try and convince others of their existence, which they'll be working against to make you seem untrustworthy, while you try and put an end to their schemes.

Being a Whisper Agent or a Master Bard allows you to bribe guards to avoid jail or fines, the ability to play your instruments for money and being able to use your music to effect battles, from making your allies more resilient, to making your enemies flee, and if your a Whisper Agent, you can make enemies attack and kill each other through music. As a Bard, you may also create propaganda/biased songs for or against one faction or the other, which will make you liked or disliked by those factions due to your opinions.

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That's pretty much it, thanks for reading my rambles, hopefully you liked it. If you have any opinions on what I've presented, ask away and if you dislike or have different ideas on how the Bard's college should be, let me know. I love hearing other people's opinion on the matter. Next time, I'll be tackling the Thieves' Guild. A guild I like, but it could have some small edits to make it more enjoyable.

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