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Ah, the newest edition of this continuing series. Yay. I shall waste no time into getting into this one. But if you are curious, I recommend reading the first part of this series, "How I would have Made Skyrim: An Introduction and World," to avoid confusion, and with this series I've made an idealized version of the game and have changed important parts of it. Example, this takes place around 10 years after Oblivion, while vanilla Skyrim takes place 200 years later. I shall be spoiling the game so, just take caution in case you have not played the game.

The Thieve's guild is… actually pretty good for the most part. I have very little problems with it as it's an enjoyable romp, with fun characters for the most part, and a decent story. However, that doesn't mean I'm going to leave it as is, no. This is "How I would have Made Skyrim." Not "How I would fix the small problems of Vanilla Skyrim and nothing else." So, I'll be redoing it, anyway.

First thing's first, You get to two kinds of thieves. A thief who sneaks into places, picks pockets, etc. Or a Thug who extorts, mugs people, etc. The quest line would feature you working your way up the ladder, and either helping the guild break away from Maven Black-Briar's influence, or betray them by siding with Maven, and keeping them under her iron fist as she attempts to grow her political influence in the city. Mercer Frey is the figurehead of the guild, while she is the true Guild Mistress. Siding with Frey or Maven will earn you the place as their right hand. However, to earn the rank of Guild Master takes skill, dedication… and a little helping hand from a certain Daedric Prince.

To begin the quest you would have to either steal a few things of average value, or mugging someone. In both instances, you'll be noticed by the Guild, being more impressed if you manage this without getting caught by the guards. To join the guild, you must complete a test set by Brynjolf: Reach the Ragged Flagon first without getting caught(the Ratway would be a lot bigger, and more like a labyrinth which would be searched by corrupt guards bought out by the Guild. This would encourage you to sneak around, and if you know them, use Shadowmarks to your advantage.

Once having gained membership, you would then do basically grunt work, but you get a choice of doing jobs requiring you to break into houses and steal specific items, kidnapping people, etc. Or Extorting shops, intimidating independent thieves and killing people the Guild(though, really Maven) want out of the picture. This would then lead to a job where you first plant skooma on the captain of the guard before purposely annoying him during a sponsored tournament, leading to you nearly getting beaten to death, but his reputation is crumbled as people see him as overly violent and a drug addict. This was done because the Guard was planning on becoming a thane to the current Jarl, and hes against Maven. After this, you are then requested to meet with Maven herself within her family estate(on the outskirts of Riften itself). This is where you are promoted from a Goon, to a Shadowfoot as you do quests for her while doing your guild duties.

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Maven's quests will have you help her raise the social ladder, the first quest being to replace the captain of the guard with someone on her side. But, it is here where Mercer Frey decides to put his own plans into action, and from then on you can choose to either side with Mercer Frey, or side with Maven, Maven will have you kill nobles, plant evidence on her enemies, ending with her taking the throne as Jarl after you had the previous one's family kill themselves through making them paranoid. Siding with Maven will also have an optional romance option cause why not? Ending with you becoming her right hand(and her spouse if you went with that option) which gives you access to collecting the Guild's earnings, and getting involved in the Civil war for the Traditionalists(see first entry to avoid confusion), not because Maven believes they're right. She just thinks they'll win, and if she sides with them, it will earn her more favor in the future.

Siding with Mercer Frey will have you go about causing the fall of the Black-Briar family, and put them into poverty, as Mercer knows that to Maven, having no power, nor control over her life is worse than death. This would end with the Black-Briar estate burning down after a confrontation with a maddened Maven, who has used her connections with the Dark Brotherhood to kill the rest of her family due to paranoia, as well as try and kill you, Mercer and the Guild. You can either kill her or spare her, but her influence is now dead. Mercer becomes the Guild Master once again with you as their Right Hand, and the Guild will be neutral in the Civil War. You get the same benefits for both sides(get a portion of the guild's earnings, get a personal companion/bodyguard in the form of Rune, and be able to send people out to do the work you used to do while you go off adventure).

Now for you who are going "But what if I wanna be the Guild Master?" That would be a secret quest, where you are tested on your thieving skills, with succession having you become Nocturnal's Nightingale(you're the only one), gaining several abilities/benefits and then you can state your claim to be Guild Master. Maven, will actually accept this, especially if you're their spouse as she's already Jarl, and having her right hand and/or loved one actually be the leader of the Guild doesn't matter. Mercer, however will have a worse reaction. He will let you take the role of Guild Master, but over a few days he will enact a plan to regain the title, through the use of the Eyes of Falmer(which in this are artifacts of Nocturnal as well which would allow him to gain a similar increase in power to you). After stealing the guild's treasure, he flees to get the Eyes and you gotta stop him, after that an actually challenging bossfight with him will happen as he's now on your level. After killing him you gain the Eyes, which you can use for the Guild's Benefit. If you don't want to be a Nightingale, you can use the Eyes instead to get a similar but different increase in power. If you don't use the Eyes yourself, the Guild uses them as a clairvoyance tool, to spy and watch all of Riften and the Rift itself. Also, the Eyes of Falmer aren't just restricted to the Guild Questline, as the dungeon it is located in is being excavated by an Empire funded team of historians/mages. You can do a quest to get them for these guys, which would make the bossfight with Mercer change from in the dungeon, to this

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And there we go, that's how I would have made the Thieves' Guild, I feel this would be an enjoyable questline, however if you think differently, or have your own opinions let me know. I love hearing other people's thoughts. The next faction will be the last Guild I will be talking about, The Dark Brotherhood. After that, I'll be moving onto the Main quest factions(The Loyalists and Traditionalists). So, stay tuned for that.

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