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How many active players/subscribers do you think ESO currently has by console/pc?

TheElderScrolls3 - How many active players/subscribers do you think ESO currently has by console/pc?

The most recent report I dugged up was during the Clockwork City update which showed 2.5 million players logged in within a 30 day period at least once across all platforms. I'm kinda curious on what are your estimates for the current daily active player (how many players avg logged in a day) by platform and how many players actually subscribe to the game

Going through the forums and reddit has been an interesting experience compared to other sub only MMOs with a varied of responses from players who consider the sub and needing to buy the DLC as "p2w" and have a desire for it to be provided as they have already bought the game. Others maintain a sub and have no complaints with it. However, whether one is the majority or a vocal minority is unknown to me. I'm curious as to what do you think the current f2p – subscriber ratio is.

On top of that, Steam daily users show 11k-12k daily users. What do you think the current client + steam chart daily user is ? Do more people play on the client, if so , how much more?


There are also alot of console players and they claim to represent the majority of players and some on the forums want ZOS to balance the end game around console instead of PC and its addons + DPS meters. Do you believe ZOS should cater to the hardcore or casual playerbase or the console/pc playerbase?

I'm mostly interested on what your thoughts on the current playerbase is and what direction ZOS should take. Unlike FF14 which is crossplatform PS4 and PC and generally has harder pve content, but easier pvp content with its sub only principle, it seems (to me for now) FF14 and WoW has larger content releases and cater more to the PC player (aggro table, less load screens in cities, more emphasis on the trinity roles).

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Do you think it is safe to bring back sub only to fund more content development or is the current pace of content and the current business model preferable and can garner more players/revenue overtime? Is the game in a healthy growth state?

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