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How not to spend a lot of time on inventory management [New players, Without Eso+ subscription]

TheElderScrolls5 - How not to spend a lot of time on inventory management [New players, Without Eso+ subscription]

It is very difficult for new players to deal with inventory management and at first it takes a lot of time. Your bags are always full and you don't know how to fix the situation without having eso+ craft bag. I am a new player and I would like to share my experience with other beginners to make their game a little easier.

Two wonderful add-ons Dustman and Bandits Loot Manager will help us with this. They are similar in many ways and their functionality overlaps, but they complement each other perfectly.

Dustman lets you customize a wide variety of loot filters. For example, save only blue equipment or sets equipment, add-on will mark all other equipment as trash.

There is a possibility of auto-sale of trash items, destroy crafting materials that you do not use, items with 0 price and so on. (For example, if you don't want to do Provisioning on this character, the add-on will automatically destroy ingredients which randomly collected).

Smart filters and the ability to remember what the player marks as trash. You can take the time to customize filters and then no longer waste time digging through your bags.

Almost every type of loot has its own filter, over time you will understand what things you don't need and set the necessary filters

Bandits Loot Manager has similar functionality, but Its main feature is the ability to auto-deposit to the bank. If you decide to save crafting resources, currencies and other items in the bank, then the add-on will automatically store them as soon as you talk to the banker. Here are possible settings for each character (via RMB).

Personal settings are marked in green

About the craft. Now I store all the resources on the character, and not in the bank (1 lvl materials+ 150lvl materials), items for hardening and equipment for research. (So ​​far I am just doing Blacksmithing, Clothing, Woodworking and Jewelcrafting).


All this fits perfectly into 100 slots on the character. Items for deconstruction I deposit off the main character in the bank. There is also an add-on FCO CraftFilter, it allows you to apply various filters during crafting. For example, I made it so that I can only research equipment from the inventory, and deconstruct only gear in the bank, so they do not overlap and I will never deconstruct the equipment I need to research.

To track research progress playing even on another character, you can use the Craftstore.

If you experience crashes due to the work of these two add-ons, most likely this is due to numerous notifications, in each add-on they are enabled separately (you can turn off sales notifications in both add-ons). Sometimes errors occur with marking trash, also due to overlapping functions. You just need to see what kind of loot you have marked twice (for example, I use Dustman mainly for equipment filters, everything related to crafting and depositing Bandits Loot Manager)

Yes, such moments in the game are made a little inconvenient for new players and raise a lot of questions. But thanks to all these add-ons, you can customize the game for yourself, save time.
Hope this helps.

The best way to install add-ons is through Minion. Links to addon pages on esoui.


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