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How to be a great DPS: a tank’s guide

TheElderScrolls2 - How to be a great DPS: a tank's guide

Being a tank is great fun, but it takes far more than a tank to make a team. We love DPS. You are the reason we can clear Banished Cells I on normal in under 5 hours. You make our hard work feel rewarded and make the pain of levelling something which does potato levels of damage feel worth it. But there's always room for improvement and, having four tanks from four classes, I thought I'd make a quick guide on what DPS can do to make tanking easier, nicer and more effective for the team. To celebrate my last tank hitting CP, here are my 5 top tips to DPS.

1) Run in first

It is a little known fact that tanks love a disorganised fight, particularly with more dangerous trash around. With how fun chains or silver leash is to use, there is no greater joy than pulling 5 or 6 adds in because a DPS ran in first and aggroed them. After all, tanks don't use resources for anything of utility to the team, so they are there to waste. We find it particularly endearing when, in your haste to engage the trash whilst we charged our backbar ice staff, you pull heavy hitters and die then blame us for not having aggro. Or when you run them out of range so we can't pull them in. There's nothing better to do after a long day of work/university/existing than receiving constant insults from people with the patience of a hungry housecat. Please, always run in first and pull the mobs as far out as possible. Gives us something to do.

2) Heavy attack with an ice staff

Ice staff? Check. Tri-Focus passive? Check. It's gaming time. Be sure to use an ice staff and heavy attack to add extra DPS and resource regen. Try to do it at least three times every 15 seconds for maximum success. For extra fun, pretend not to exist when the tank politely asks you to stop, it's a great game we play. Repeat this until you die, at which point you can ask us why we didn't hold taunt. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and tanks are always flattered when you copy our backbar weapon.


3) Stand between tank and boss

Who doesn't love a favour being returned? After spending a boss fight taking the damage for DPS, it's heart-warming to see that you want to protect us right back and go between us and the boss to soak up some of the incoming damage. The best time to do this is when the boss is charging a heavy attack or is using a massive AoE. That's when we are in most danger and could use you most.

4) Become well acquainted with the red

Everyone knows red makes your outfit POP. Fashion is a vital part of dungeons and trials and be sure to use this interesting lighting to show off your latest outfit. It's purely cosmetic and you will be fine no matter how long you stand in it. If it somehow happens to do damage, make sure to blame the healer. After all, their job is not only to replace incoming damage and minimise it, they also have to prevent all incoming sources. If they don't understand you, a kick vote is always a welcome course of action.

5) Leave resurrects to us

Given we have the most health (usually), it is wise to let us get resurrects. 10 seconds without shielding from the heaviest attacks in the dungeon and without being able to reapply taunts is nothing, your continuing to hit for those 10 seconds is much more important. After us, make sure to get the healer to resurrect. On a related note, get up your fellow DPS first, then healer then tank. That way you can possibly finish the fight before you pick us up, regardless of how much health the boss has.

Take these tips on board and be sure to insult tanks who ask your not to follow them. Then go back to wondering why the game has a shortage of tanks.

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