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How to be an awesome DPS in dungeons: help your group gather the mobs together!

TheElderScrolls8 - How to be an awesome DPS in dungeons: help your group gather the mobs together!

This week a lot of new players are doing dungeons for the first time and I've noticed from doing pledges on my tank and healer that a lot of the newer DPS players are really struggling. I wanted to share some tips on how you can make dungeon runs much smoother, improve the group's overall damage, and also stay alive better as a DPS:

Something is chasing me! Your first impulse might be to blame the tank for not holding aggro. Unfortunately ESO is not like WoW, its not possible for a tank to hold aggro on the entire group at once. If an enemy is attacking you instead of the tank and you don't have the damage output to just instantly kill it DO NOT RUN AWAY. If you run you will most likely run away from your healer, and also pull that enemy far away from the tank making it hard for the tank to help you out. Move towards your tank! If you get the enemy into the tanks melee range they can use Pierce Armor on it and taunt it off you. I can't count the number of times I've had to use chains to pull an enemy that is following a DPS who is running far, far away. Make the tank's job easier by pulling enemies toward the tank. If its not safe to move towards the tank because there is some fire or something on the ground just stand still. Your healer is there to help you, but if you run away you make it hard for them to keep you alive. Just stand your ground and focus on killing the thing that is attacking you, while the healer focuses on keeping you alive. If the tank has enough magicka left they may be able to use chains to pull that enemy off of you and hard taunt it.

Stand close to your other group members. Just because you are a ranged champion doesn't mean you have to stand at the furthest extent of your range. If you stand on the other end of the room and just spam Snipe Arrow then a bunch of the enemies will run towards you to attack you. That means they will run out of any area of effect damage skills from the group, splitting the enemy group up and scattering it all over the place. This makes it harder to kill the enemies. Also chances are by standing far back you are once again making the healer's job harder because now the healer has to look behind them to target you with heals. You should stay near your fellow group members so that all the enemies stay close as well and can be killed by area of damage effects.


Stand in your own AoE damage to tempt melee enemies into it. This combines with the previous two tips. Every class has some form of ground targeted damage over time they can put on the ground. (Wall of Elements, Endless Hail, Razor Caltrops, Blazing Spear, etc) One of the best ways to use these skills is to put them down and then move forward to stand inside your own area of damage. Don't worry you won't hurt yourself! Instead what will happen is all the melee enemies will run towards you to attack you and start dying to your damage! If everyone stands together, and moves into the team's "death pit" of ground damage then all the enemies will also move into that death pit and start dying. Doing this can double or even triple your groups overall damage output and is one of the biggest differences between an experienced group and a group that struggles to finish a dungeon and takes a long time to kill stuff.

Target the tank with your AoE damage. In addition to trying to lock down the movement of melee enemies a good tank will be using chains to pull any ranged enemies towards themselves. The tank's goal is to create a tightly bunched group of enemies around themselves. So this is a perfect place to create a death pit out of all your AoE damage over time skills. With you helping out by staying close and leading enemies towards the death pit instead of away, and the tank helping out by using Talons and other CC skills to keep enemies in place, and chains to pull in ranged enemies you can all create a densely stacked pile of enemies that get destroyed quickly by all the damage effects on the ground from everyone in the group.

TLDR: Don't run away, run towards your tank and fellow group members, create a densely stacked pile of mobs and then use AoE spells to burn them all down!

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