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How To do Crown Exchange safely!

TheElderScrolls15 - How To do Crown Exchange safely!

I trade a lot of times and Never got scammed. With randoms, and guilds. Here is what I know.

Always Record the full conversation with a screenshot. Them and you confirming @//name, Seller @//name,Crown going rate, Item Purchased and Gold Amount. ( you can widen your chat window a by pulling on the edges.)

Always Send the Money in the MAIL with all the Info,Buyer @//name, Seller @//name,Crown going rate, Item Purchased and Gold Amount, Take a Screenshot/

  1. Use a Middle Man ( A reputable GameMaster via game or discord, a reputable Streamer or Crown exchange Middle Man)
  2. If 1. fails ask to get the item upfront and pay after.
  3. If 1 and 2 fails you are in dangerzone! You may ask to pay half up front, get the crown item then half after. I have never done this one and dont recommend it.

4 Types of Traders


I Had exchanges of Randoms in chat saying that they are selling crowns and they trust you right away and send you the item first. I kindly ask if we can use a middle man just to make sure they dont get scammed in the future because some people are not as trust worthy as you may be. And its the best protection.

Middle Man


These people want to use a middleman you both agree on ( usually a GM of your guild or a Streamer ) Make sure you both know the guild at hand and maybe one of you can leave a guild temporary just to join the other to see the Title of the game master or officer that offers the middle man service.Join a discord if you can also of the guild at hand. Make sure you both know the streamer also that has at least 30+ views, its in there interest to be promoted and be helpful. You also may join a Crown Exchange guild for this step, Its usually as safe as having a middle man you both trust, but you may pay a premium. I only buy crowns on PC/Na for 150:1 to 175:1.

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These people ask for half up front, they will send item and half later. This one is up to you. I never done this one and this is where I stop to do any transaction BUT I keep asking for them to become Unicorns and Safty-Firsters. Days ago I had a CP 810-Former Emperor selling Crowns at 150:1 in chat who wanted half first half later. They did not wanna use a middle man so I though it was a scam and say bye bye. Then the next day I saw them again same story but this time I asked them to become Unicorns … and to my surprise they did… I was shocked they sent me the 15 crowns crates and I payed them 750K gold


Giving Full amount of gold up front to the stranger level 7 during a play ESO for free event. If ever you are asked to give full amount up front usually you are playing with fire. If you must do it… Try them out, buy just 1 low item for less then 50K gold, But dont ever expect of getting that item just say Nope.

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