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How to do writs on 9 characters in approximately 30 minutes (36k gold)

TheElderScrolls3 - How to do writs on 9 characters in approximately 30 minutes (36k gold)

I've been doing this on PS4 (so no add-ons) for a few weeks now, and here are some tips to speed things up, hopefully others have tips as well.

– Pre-cook all cooking on a maxed out cook.
Just create a stack of each food in the cooking writs (be mindful of the faction, as it impacts tier 1 writs) and then distribute them to your other tier 1 crafters. This will consume way less ingredients, and only takes 6 inventory slots on each character.

– Pre-make alchemy on a maxed out alchemist.
You might want to skip the 3 corn flower writ, as it's imo to expensive to do (at least on PS4).
Create the potions/poisons on a maxed out alchemist to make multiples at once, and then distribute them to you other characters.

– Optional: Pre-make jewelry and enchanting.
Just make 3 of each writ, meaning 12 rings, 9 amulets, and 3 of each glyph.
This will shave of a little bit of time. So consider if the inventory space this takes up is worth the little time you gain.

– Pick up the alchemy board writs first, and blacksmith board last, with blacksmithing being the last writ.
Now you can start at black smithing, tap plus pad right, do tailoring, and then tap a few times for woodworking.

– Do it in a city where everything is close together.
I use Deshaan, as the horse trainer, guild traders, craft stations and write turn in are all pretty close (horse trainer being the furthest away).Any tips on even better cities would be greatly appreciated.


– If you have to make medium or heavy cops, start from the right.
It's quicker to hold right till you are at the waist item, and then tap left once for the cops, and left twice more for the helm.

– For dagger (duh) and great sword, also start from the right.

– Level your characters to 50.
This increases the gold you receive to 4k for 6 writs (4.6k including alchemy). If this is to much work, then level them at least to 26, as this is super fast (less then 2 hours) and will net you 2.7k for 6 writs.

– Optional: level up crafting tier for more chance at gold ingredients.
Doing a max tier writ has a much higher change of awarding the much wanted gold ingredients. And some crafting is very easy to max for no cost (like tailoring, black smithing and woodworking) by deconstructing, jewelry is worth the most (on PS4) but is also very slow unfortunately.

– If you do horse training and writs (like me) then don't run back and forth every day.
One day start at horse trainer and park after writs, next day start at writs and park after horse trainer (all the little bits help).

More tips are greatly appreciated.

Ps. My fastest time on PS4 is 33 mins for all 9 characters.

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