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How to easily make colors more vibrant on a Mac.

TheElderScrolls8 - How to easily make colors more vibrant on a Mac.

I decided to post this because for the longest time I’ve wanted to make my ESO adventuring more enjoyable, and this is the change.. that changed everything! I’ve yet to see anyone talk about this and I’ve been looking for a while! I have no before/after screenshots to show you. I don’t even know where it sends those things on this machine.. but, anyways, here is the simple change you can make which will revolutionize your adventures across Tamriel without any negative consequences such as performance loss or having to use third party programs.

On your Mac, open System Preferences

Select Displays, and continue to the Color tab

You will find a list of pre-installed display profiles which all have an immediate effect

Select the display profile of your liking and you will immediately see its effects(this is not the end result) I chose to use “Rec. ITU-R BT.709-5” because the effect is not too dramatic, as are some others on the list.

To the right, select Calibrate, this is the real trick! If you wish, read the introduction that follows but otherwise select continue

The following menu will instruct you to select a target white point. This is where you have to experiment with your previously selected display, and is why I used the one with minimal initial impact – the changes you make on this slider can be dramatic. Note: you may not wish to use a display profile, I’m not sure why I did(although I’m extremely happy with results).. so if you wish, you can simply configure the default Color LCD profile.

For warmer colors, you will want to slide the arrow to the left, for cooler colors, to the right. For the most subtle but effective configuration(particularly for more vibrant colors without making a high elf look like a walking talking foreign fruit you’ve never seen) you will want to move the slider just a little bit to the left. For my selected preset, my slider was initially on the D65 value which equates to 6,500, whatever this means. I slid my tool just to 6,201 for a noticeably warmer, more vibrant effect without any strange colors appearing.


When you are satisfied with the changes, select continue, until you are prompted to name your new configuration, which will be added to the previous list of presets. You should not need to activate this effect again unless you change it, which is done simply by selecting the default or another preset, which is all applied automatically by selection.

This is your new color configuration that is applied to all that you do while using the machine! I actually enjoy the more vibrant colors, they’re just vibrant enough without being too intense or unnatural.(movies are awesome!!!)In fact they look more natural because a warmer color configuration is already found in nature thanks to the sun, and our computers typically use a bright blue light that makes everything look unnatural and is also an obstruction to your sleep if you use it at night. Anyways..

Finally, you will want to open your game and adjust the gamma levels to suit your new configuration. This is simple enough and you can decide how you like it.

That is all! If anybody tries this and would like to post some screenshots of your results, that would be amazing! I would like to, but please just don’t bother me to do that fuss(If I can ever avoid having to interact with/find files on this machine I will, I grew up with windows and this Mac UI has never grown on me and still confuses/frustrates me)

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