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How to make money for new players with no money in 10 steps

TheElderScrolls4 - How to make money for new players with no money in 10 steps

I'm a fairly new player. I've playing for 5 weeks and I only have the base game (And Greymoor now thanks to a good friend I met in the game). As soon as I logged in and saw players on shining armor and cool mounts I wanted all of it, but the quarantine makes it hard to get money to soend on a game so I wasted many days trying tomake a good and consistent flow of gold. Thanks to some veteran players who showed me the ropes I.managed to do so and it was way easier and more organic than the typical guide to flip market items, scam new players and spend real money. Which also requires you to invest a large sum of gold (which you don't have because you are new). Here it is in 10 steps requiring no more than the absolute base game.

1) Get you character (main) to LvL 50 CP160. You will earn gold, gear and materials along the way. Money before that is not good for a lot of things and getting to 160 is not particularly hard.

2) Professions. Decon all the gear you get from dungeons and whatnot that you are not currently using and that is not Ornate (Ornate items sells for more, sell those) This will increase your profession lvl for when you reach 160 you will be able to receive good rewards from writs.

3) Farm Overland sets and sell them. Mother's Sorrow in Deshaan is a good place to start (Doing chests runs is quite profitable), if you fancy another one, google for overland sets.

4) Remember to do random daily dungeon (lvl 10) and undaunted pledges (lvl 45).They give you rewards on top of whatever loot you pick from there (decon and sell as needed).

5) Repeating normal or veteran dungeons. These will give you tons of loot to sell (also good XP).


6) Public dungeons. They have usually good drops of gold and the items found there can be sold to other players trough a guild trader.

7) Search everything. ALL coffers, trunks, backpacks, cupboards, drawers and nightstands can contain plenty of motif and recipes. Some of them quite expensive.

8) Rob people. Pickpocket them or break into their houses, chests there are usually good and this can be done as soon as you create your character. Remember to sell the items to a fence in the outlaws refuge.

9) Go to Coldharbour on weekends. Check the special furniture trader. Lights usually sell well, check his wares and compare them in the market. You can usually make a quick buck there.

10) Questing is your friend. There are plenty of activities around, most of them can be done while questing. Quests also give you XP and skill points (needed for big boi writs).

Bonus: There are plenty of mods to make farm/quest easier, try using them. Try and use waypoints… Recalling to one is almost always a waste of gold. Also keep an eye out for events along the year. You can and should have alts to do writs as well, just don't burn yourself to boredom trying to level them up and consider ot a chore.

And most important, enjoy the game… Do whatever is fun for you, you will get gold and you won't even realize. If you focus ONLY in farming gold you'll get tired and lose interest. Good luck out there Vestiges

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