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How to solo world bosses ?

TheElderScrolls4 - How to solo world bosses ?

I know it sounds really over-ambitious especially for the intermediatesque player I am in mmos and a begginer in this one. I just started the journey I am at level 34, I quit the game for months at level 17 because I thought ~30% of the quests were made for group play and was really non solo friendly, when I was told that you could solo and have fun as well.

See before I enjoyed questing in mmos and I liked voice acting in this one but now I kinda want to change my focus and try to defeat some world bosses as a solo. The inspiration came from the guy I watched on youtube who defeated the first world boss I had to go up against in a quest on his own.

So I never thought potions would be so op in this game because either I would defeat enemies in pve real easy or a world boss would melt me down with two strikes. For this reason I realized the value of potions and that’s what I think will help me a little bit with world bosses.

See I have little to no information about a lot of things in this game, I Just discovered alchemy so.. What I want to know if will this world bosses become easier as I level at some point, I know there is scaling but with world bosses I don’t really think it seems to matter at least for now because I cannot do anything against them (Probobly not without potions and right setup). I play as a sorc and I have a decent setup for pve/questing, I just followed a tutorial.


Now I am looking for a ‘world boss specific’ setup as well as tips on how to increase my chanses against them. What are your go to tips. I have recently realized that I was doing the animation canceling which I thought would be a good type of tip for me and I just wanna know more in general, I know how valuable the passives are in this game, I know some tips from tutorials but I just want to know more about this game if there are other ways to get better while soloing.

Are potions a right way to go when we are talking about world bosses ? Is my judgement right ? Or should I not waste time finding these solvents which is reaaally annoying. I went out farmed spider eggs and jelly stuff so I could level alchemy to 50 real quick to get the best potions, I farmed skill points as well to get the alchemy passives but now I hit the wall in terms of this water skins, ichor and this solvent bs.. (Pardon my french).

So overall is this the right approach ? Should I try to buy solvents on guild store instead of finding them ? What is the best way to maximize my success.

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