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How to stay positive when the state of the game is bleak.

TheElderScrolls4 - How to stay positive when the state of the game is bleak.

Most people know me by now but for those who don’t, call me Bujin. I have been playing this game since closed beta and have been one of the few people to have experienced everything in this game from its beginning to now. I have been through every meta, tournament scene, and ladder climb and I still find myself grinding for the top 10, competing in weekly community events, posting my deck ideas online to spark motivation, and maintain a vocal position in the TESL twitch community. You won’t see me headlining any major announcements, you won’t see me in any top player discussions, and you certainly never see me on reddit, but I wanted to take some time to share my thoughts on the current state of the game, and how I, unlike many other veteran players that have come and gone, continue to keep my head in the game.

We all know about the current outstanding issues with the game, it’s certainly not what it used to be. The days of two color decks and class identity have very much evaporated. Now that tri color options are available, classes arent tied to a singular identity of, archer does lethal things, and scout ranks, and Crusader draws a million cards. Tri color allowed you to fill holes where there were weaknesses and replace class synergies with cards of a higher overall quality rather than having any synergy.

Tri color classes are an issue. At this point and for the foreseeable future. We will have to deal with these unfortunate circumstances. Instead of dwelling on the fact that this game lost some level of intricacy and that the classes you pick are now less important. You can play with the idea that decks will have to rely on consistency and card quality over heavy synergies and just play the good stuff. As someone who played Yugioh for a long time, which is a game that had no set rotation or limitations outside the Forbidden list, the Mets was shaped by consistency and card quality. This is something TESL is now subject to.

When building decks and when thinking about strategy. As long as you can build decks that maintain the same level of consistency the best Aggro and control decks have while maintaining this higher standard of card quality. You can build whatever deck you want and find success on ladder. Mage, which seemingly alongside monk and Spellsword, seem to have the short end of the stick when it comes to the meta and ladder playability, have in the last couple of days, found a new archetype that leans on creatures of an insanely high card quality to carry the deck through the midgame and go toe to toe with any other deck on the ladder. This is possible because the deck is focused on pushing cards that can contend the board and strategically can match up well against everything else you see at the same mana cost.


Being able to lean on fun and interesting decks when the rest of the Meta is filled with more of the same archetypes, autopilot control decks and consistent Aggro decks, helps me maintain interest in a game with a drought of content or any real change in the metagame.

I always try to push myself to be better, and I expect nothing more than the best from myself. It’s how I stay competitive, and it’s the only way for me to stay interested in ladder. Ladder isn’t the most fun experience. It can be tiring, stressful, and it can really piss you off. If you play the game and trust in your abilities to win games, it will make your experience a lot less stressful, and it take the sting out of losing and keep you in the right mindset to keep laddering.

The biggest thing that has helped me stay positive, is leaning on this awesome community. I have been watching this game on twitch since the beginning, I have been streaming for a bit as well, and having a connection with other people for this game and being able to connect socially with other people interested in this game as much as your are, really has helped me maintain my drive, and interest in playing this game every day.

Don’t beat yourself up for running into a first fine prophecy, or by making a crucial misplay, or by conceding if your opponent looks at you funny. This is a game, enjoy it any way you can, even if that means being a toxic BMing emote spammer, I’m probably going to judge you for it while I beat you, but hey, at least we are both having fun in the process.


P.S. if any of this sounds like incoherent rambling it’s because I’m on like 3 hours of sleep, it’s 1 am, and I really didn’t feel like proof reading any of this. Cheers folks.

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