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How to Train your Dragon – The Elder Scrolls Way!

TheElderScrolls15 - How to Train your Dragon - The Elder Scrolls Way!

Method 1 (for non-Dragonborns):

  1. Accept that you will probably not have a meaningful relationship with your dragon. Dragons rarely exhibit love or loyalty and they know they are superior to you. If you benefit them, they will not eat you. The best you will do is convince your dragon not to eat you, and if you're lucky you can get it to eat your enemies.
  2. Get an enormous stone cell. You also want a trap large enough to hold a dragon. Think Dragonsreach (The Fallen quest in Skyrim) but not made of flammable materials because you're not a Dovahkiin and if your dragon gets loose you're done for.
  3. Select a fairly weak dragon. Dragon hierarchy is based on strength, so if you pick a fairly weak one it will be less resistant to your domination.
  4. Kill your dragon. This may sound counterintuitive, but as you're not a Dovahkiin you'll only knock him out for a while. Do not cut off any of the dragon's body parts though.
  5. Take the dragon to the stone cell and trap him firmly in the trap.
  6. Wait for the dragon to wake up.
  7. Talk to the dragon. Dragons like to talk and can speak any language, though they prefer Dovahzul. If you know Dovahzul, converse with the dragon accordingly to make it like you more. If not, speak your native language.
  8. The dragon will likely be impressed that you defeated it. If it accepts you as Thuri (its overlord), proceed to step 12. If not, continue on.
  9. Release the dragon. Fight it to the death. You must put on a show of dominance and power so that it will be impressed.
  10. Put the dead dragon back in the trap.
  11. Repeat from step 6.
  12. Ask the dragon not to eat you. As it has accepted you as its overlord, it will agree. You may now start training it to eat your foes.
  13. Get the dragon a bigger arena. You want to be firm at first, but treat it as an equal once it has accepted you. If you irritate it, it can turn on you at any minute.
  14. Find out what the dragon likes. It may be a good long conversation, a roasted steak, or maybe a visit to a scenic forest.
  15. Put training dummies in the arena.
  16. Tell the dragon to attack the dummies when you say a specific word. Use something simple and memorable like "krii" (kill) or "yol" (fire).
  17. Reward the dragon for successfully "killing" the dummies. Use the rewards determined in step 14.
  18. Once you are confident in your dragon's training, bring in real enemies. Mercenaries, bandits, draugr, you name it. Have the dragon fight them.
  19. Reward the dragon for successfully killing the enemies. Use the rewards determined in step 14.
  20. Begin to phase out the use of the keyword. You want to encourage the dragon to be proactive. Reward it more for proactivity.
  21. Once you are confident that your dragon will proactively protect you from any threats, it's safe to bring it out adventuring.
  22. Gradually phase out rewards as you adventure with the dragon. The thrill of battle should keep it sufficiently engaged. However, if it appears discontented, get to the root of its discomfort and resolve the issue. Your dragon's happiness is critical in maintaining any semblance of a friendship.
  23. Do not attempt to ride your dragon. Ever. Their egos do not take to it kindly.
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Method 2 (for Dragonborns):

  1. Kill three dragons. Absorb their souls.
  2. Book a trip to Solstheim.
  3. Find the three word walls for Bend Will. You may have to deal with Miraak. If he gets annoying, stick a sword through his head (remember, you're the Dovahkiin and thus super overpowered).
  4. Learn the Bend Will shout.
  5. Use it on the dragon of your choice. You will need all three words to subdue it.
  6. The dragon will now do whatever you want, including allow you to ride it and torch your foes.
  7. Yes, it's as easy as that.

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