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Hybrid Off-Tank with different setups; utopy or not

TheElderScrolls7 - Hybrid Off-Tank with different setups; utopy or not

Greetings adventurers,

So, I recently returned intoto the game (like 2/3 months) and created a new char, an orc stamplar DPS; Ive never been too serious about this game, had a join/leave relationship and never been consistent, but this time im enjoing quite a lot, and I went up with a new char from previus 300CP to almost 600CP in those months. Meanwhile, I got interested in understanding more about mechanics, builds, gear and buff/debuffs, feeling like this game is too damn big (but thats also why I love it).

The stamplar was doing quite good in PvE, with a DPS around 60k, but I usually found that stam sustain and health was a problem, causing death a lot of times (I might be just noob tbh, but I feel that those two things were the limiting factors of this dd); for this reason, i recently switched the char into a Tank (BTW, the difference of queuing for RND as tank or DD its just incredible) and I am having a lot of fun with this!

The thing is that I love both playstyles, so with the help of Dressing Room, im saving different gear/skill setups for different situations. What id love to do is optimizing this kind of build for PvE/PvP with the help of Dressing Room and maybe CP Respec. I know that thats kind a wtf request, as optimizing a Tank/DPS for both PvE/PvP is pure utopy, but keep in mind my goal is not being the super efficient META build for endgame stuff, I just like playing what the game has to offer, so id love something versatile for both tanking/dding normal trial and vet dungeon, having a solid solo build with hybrid dps/sustain/shield for wandering around world, and sometimes have fun doing pvp too, mainly BG, but recenly gotting involved as well in cyrodill (love those super big battles with dozens of players).

Right now this is my kind of setup: Templar Orc | 4M 40H 20S | Lover (was my prev mundus for DPS, but thinking of switching to Lord as rn im playing pve mostly as tank)

  • Tank: S&B/2H | Ebon + Plague Doctor + Lord Warden | Longfin Pasty | Front Bar for tanking (immov, pierce, slash, sh assault, repent, nova) Back bar for little DPS as the DPS value is quite low, around 2.2 wep dmg (rally, dswing, bl. spear, jabs, repent); i use repentance for passives and to be full stack stam during trash fights. might use lord here
  • DPS: 2W/Bow | Tzogvin + New Moon + Selene | Camoran Throne | Front bar for single target (hirc. rage, cam hunt, barb trap, jabs, repent, dawnbreaker), Back bar for AoE (Ritual of Ret, Endless Hail, Blazing Spear, evil hunt, cam hunt, balista). might use lover here
  • PvP: 2H/Bow | Eternal Vigor + Deadly/Briarheart + Barlogh | Camoran Throne | Front Bar with close ranged (jabs, javelin, blazing shield, rally, executioner, dawnbr) and back bar for long ranged and mini aoe/heal (rest focus, ritual of ret, scatter shot, poison inject, vigor, remembrance). might use steed here

So, as u can see the setup is really different for contenents. I do like to hear what you think about this project, and how can I optimize (not for endgame but for getting most bang from the bucks); also id like to know more about traits/ench, cause rn i feel like i could do better:

  • Tank: infused + health on big pieces, sturdy + stam on little, healty ring/neck + reduce feat cost, inf + stam shield, precise 2h + abs stam, defending 1h + abs stam
  • DPS: divine + stam all armor pieces, infused + wep dmg on rings, bloodth + wep dmg on neck, nirn axe + precise dag and poison, infused wep dmg on bow.
  • PvP: well fitt + prismatic on big, impenetr + stam on little, inf + wep dmg on jewels, nirn maul, infused wep dmg bow.

Those choices are based on a lot of builds i read and mostly on my understanding of what the different situations needs. When i do have them, i use also potions, weapon power(dps)/tristat(tank) for pve and immovability/tristat for pvp.

A bunch of notes in the end: im looking for malacath band for pvp but it will take a lot and maelstrom/master bow for dps/pvp in order to give this build a power up, but id really like to hear more from experienced/vet players. I also read a bunch of stuff on tanking and i feel i should give a try to enchantments for debuffs, those should being crushing and weakening.

Id like to have a feedback if what im doing is totaly no-sense and I should focus on one single playstyle, or if this kind of hybrid could perform well; any kind of advice on how to make things work the best is appreciated, thanks 🙂

PS: still have to create a proper setup for solo stuff like arenas and questing, but this should not be any sort of problem.

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