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I am Pre-prepping for TES6 By Going Into Exile

TheElderScrolls1 - I am Pre-prepping for TES6 By Going Into Exile

At this fine moment I own an uncharted ps4 (really wanted the glacier ps4 but, of course best buy was all out) & a macbook I bought for school in 2015, that ended up being a vessel for abuse (AKA sims 4 + mods). As we approach this new era of ps5/xbox-whatever-its-called, I finally came to the realization that I am an whole ass adult gamer & the restrictions of Sony & Apple literally not putting a charger with their future devices, is causing me to pinch tighter on my coin purse. Due to quarantine, I have finally had time to sit down on YouTube and watch modders work their magic, basically reinventing skyrim/FO4 time & time again. I originally played skyrim on its release on my ps3. Had never heard of TES and of course fell head over heels. 4 months of none stop playing—i finally got bored & dropped it. On top of that I took a good 2-3 year break from gaming (lol life happened) & didnt realize modding had come such long way. I am absolutely blown away by the modding community & their “I’ll just do it my damn self” attitude. They have lit the fire for me to pick up skyrim again but…i have a ps4. To know I cant even download 1/8th of the mods from the Nexus on my ps4 has been killing me softly. And my dear macbook cannot handle another huge title. So in the meantime I have been plotting away. I refuse to give sony anymore of my coins. I am not getting the ps5 but instead decided once my ps4 & macbook give out (projected 2-3 years from Now) I will be taking another hiatus— JUST TO RETURN in time with a gaming computer/gaming space worth at least 9 grand. I want all the works, baby. The graphics, the speed, the storage/memory and knowledge on basic modding. I want my gaming room to be the equivalent of an overcompensating Cowboys fan man-cave… sans the Cowboys or any sports. I am also committing myself to ignoring ES6 once Bethesda releases her to the wild. I don’t want to know anything about the game, where it’s taking place, who the antagonist is/are and what’s going on—just how it was for me when I played Skyrim. And once ES6 is about 1-2 years in, I will purchase her—with her expansions. And as I wait for ES6 to download on my new gaming PC, i will be adding all the mods from the Nexus to get a heightened experience, since Bethesda always falls short and you guys (you beautiful modders) make it an experience. I will add all types of mods/quests/gear to it before I even get to the first loading screen. It will be autumn when this happens; I will be wearing a light maroon sweater & pajama bottoms. I will have at least 3, uninterrupted days off from my career. No children will be allowed on the premises. My husband will be away on business. The only thing I haven’t decided yet is what I will eat the evening of. This is what I want for my ES6 experience & my future of gaming. I’m getting too old and I spend too much money to be restricted. If you have any ideas/decorating tips for my gaming room, what kind of computer/build I should invest/look into and what I should eat the evening of, please don’t be afraid to comment.


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