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I believe that Oblivion has the best character creator (visual customization) out of any Elder Scrolls game.

TheElderScrolls11 - I believe that Oblivion has the best character creator (visual customization) out of any Elder Scrolls game.

Most will argue Skyrim as the better one but I’d like to take into consideration the limits you’re given in each creator, and the degree of actual control.

Let me explain what I really like about Oblivion’s as compared to Skyrim’s.

In Skyrim I believe the player is forced to use cookie-cutter like options for each element of the face, head, body, etc. which while have many potential combinations they are just that, limited and combinable cuts from the samples the devs made to give the player, whereas in Oblivion it fundamentally gives the player more freedom and control.

Now before I get into how Oblivion does this differently, let me say one thing. I’m not in anyway talking about the general graphical themes typical and memed on from Oblivion. I’m strictly dealing with how the player can effect hue, darkness, and location of color on a face, and morph the contour of a head completely which combined have the potential to change the look of a character COMPLETELY.

For example, because I enjoy using Oblivion’s character creator so much I (on occasion) make game saves just to see what I can do with the character in the creator and then go onto make others. I remember one really special time that I wanted to make a dark elf character look like a redguard. After hours of tweaking and referencing I got a surprising result. The character looked exactly like a redguard! Furthermore, I wanted to experiment making the character’s face and race look less African and more Hispanic (maybe Brazilian or Mexican even). And after a little trial and error I was able to have a very dark, short & round headed mullato/Hispanic man from the base of a tall, pale, square headed dark elf.


Other than the appearance of more categories; ranging from an entire menu full of sliders for the nose section (including the sellion, bridge, tip, nostrils, and more) to the bone structure and facial ratios the Oblivion creator has more fine tuned and focused options than Skyrim’s.

I’d like to finish by explaining the reality of the “sliders” in Skyrim’s creation menu as compared to the true sliders in Oblivion’s which I believe really reflect my argument’s focus.

In Skyrim the hair selector has the style (pre made hairstyles and shapes fit for the race and gender) and then the color of the hair which has a single slider to range from a variety of pre defined colors.

In Oblivion you can similarly pick the style and shape. However, when it comes to the color there is an entirely separate section where the player is given TRUE sliders to change the darkness on a gradient ranging from blindingly white to pure death metal black; same goes with sliders for hue with scales individually for red, green, and blue. Not only this, but Oblivion has these options AS WELL AS the pre-defined colors seen in Skyrim’s simple (brown, dark brown black etc.) section above it. Now while these options have the potential to make outrageous head shaped and sizes, along with color; the freedom here is unparalleled to any other Elder Scrolls game to date and I hope to see a return to its features in TES6.

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