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I built a “fake” tank today and it’s a ton of fun.

TheElderScrolls5 - I built a "fake" tank today and it's a ton of fun.

A little back story first. I've been pugging tempest island a lot to try to get the stormfist style before it goes away. I have two choices here: wait for the long queue as dps, or go in as a support role and pray that a decent dps player queues in with me. So I've been tanking a lot of tempest island and just hoping for the best. Almost every time, I stand around waiting for the group to struggle through killing things while it all beats on me for what feels like forever. Then we get to the last boss, and everyone dies in hard mode so I'm spending the next 20 minutes rezzing my group mates for them to put down a dot or 2 and die again. Not fun at all. So here comes the "fake" tank.

I decided to make a hybrid tank/dps that can get myself through easy dungeons with low dose groups. So I have a light armor magplar "tank" now. He has 25K HP, max resists and pulls about 17K dps. That's not much damage, but it's enough that I can run dungeons and help the group not take ages to complete.

So far I've ran tempest island 4 times and I have held the boss and done damage throughout the dungeon and it's been a blast. I get to not be bored standing with a shield up in easy dungeons, and I don't have to wait a day and a half to get into the dungeons I want to run.

I'm running fortified brass in light armor, heavy/medium maw of the infernal, and Torugs pact s&b/lighting staff/jewelery. Torugs has a flame enchant, I have infused jewelery with 2 mag recovery, 1 spell damage enchant, and a mix of health and stamina enchants on my armor.


The other goal of this build is to bee as easy to switch back and forth between actual magpalr and this "fake" tank build. Since I'm only doing easier dungeons, it makes it quite easy to accomplish this. I keep all my attributes in magicka, my CP is still setup for DPSing(I made some changes to red CP, but it felt largely unecessary and I'll leave it next time I change my CP around anyway. My mundus is still set to the shadow just so I don't have to change it every time I switch around. So the only things that are different between this and my dps build are the gear and the skills, but I have everything unlocked I need for both.

Skills: Front: Pierce armor, consuming trap, ritual of retribution, channeled focus, breath of life, sweeps. Back: unstable wall, shards, degeneration, vampire bane, solar barrage, destro ult.

Things I'll probably change: This is still new to me, so I'm planning on making a few changes to make the build work a little better

  • I'm thinking about replacing soul trap with silver leash to help stack things better, but I'm worried about stamina sustain.

  • I want to use a different set than Torug's. I'm thinking of just going with a basic julianos setup for that, but I'm not really sure if that'll be the best choice. Currently mag sustain isn't great, so something like seducer may work better. Open to suggestions.

  • I want a different front bar ultimate. I'm only actually using destro ulti right now, so I'm thinking of different options for front bar ulti. I was thinking of going with remembrance in case my group has decent damage, but we need a quick save somebody heal.

So anyway, if you see me templar tanking in a dungeon, pay attention before trying to kick me for fake tanking because I'm holding the aggro and keeping the group buffed while I'm running a rotation.

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