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I can’t put my finger on what’s off (for me).

TheElderScrolls11 - I can't put my finger on what's off (for me).

I've only been playing a few days, but I can't seem to get into the game at all. I picked up the 'complete' pack for $40 (half-off, can't hurt to get it all). I threw ESO+ on top of it just to cover my bases. Why not?

I was not a fan of starting in Summerset so I read about how to get to the 'main' quest, so I went off to Dumbledore. So far, so good. I popped out in Daggerfall, which is awesome, don't get me wrong. I saw a woman teaching crafting, made a beeline toward her, learned her three crafts, I hit the Fighter's and Mage's guilds to unlock those…then I realized I was absolutely surrounded by quest giver markers. This is 100% not a problem. I am happy to do your quests. I am delighted at the amount of content surrounding me.

But the game isn't grabbing me like MMO's usually do. I'm very confused. Today all I did was make my way to Windhelm (which was an adventure), so I could participate in the Festival that's going on. Then I made my way to a castle that I juggled knives in for people and got a goodie box. Or two. I think two. I've no idea what the items are that were in them but they seemed to be nifty.


I have a problem fighting. I'm playing a…thinking…a Breton Dragonknight? (I think). She has two Ardent Flame? (forgive me if I'm getting any terms wrong, the game threw a lot at me at once)…skills, one that seems to throw a whip of flame in front of her and one that makes her weapon slash fire. I have a skill that makes spikes of armor pop out of her, I think that's earth. The thing I'm having issues with is hitting things. It seems like if a baddie is a little bit higher than me on the terrain, their hitbox is way out of reach. Or I just swing and whiff, I don't have any idea what's happening, there's no combat text that I can see. Nothing like 'Miss' floats over my head. I understand that it's Elder Scrolls style and probably doesn't need to tell me that I missed something. But I am having a terrible time with more than one mob. I pop the magic spike armor and interrupt when I can, dodge out of red-marked ground, swing with fire when I have Magicka….I don't think I'm doing it wrong?

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It seems like I spend 3/4ths of my time not hitting whatever it is that I'm fighting, it's frustrating. I'm not sure what I should be putting my attribute points into, I'm not sure what skills I should be getting. I heard it doesn't matter until you get to some point where you can wear sets of armor or something, but maybe it does? Maybe I'm not playing the best class for me? I'm not a min/max person by any means, but so far the only thing I'm enjoying are the voice overs for the NPC's.

Am I doing it wrong? Am I just burnt out from the 3 dozen other MMO's I've played? Is something wrong with combat? I'm very unhappy that this isn't grabbing me like I want it to.

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