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I got bored and decided to calculate how many calories magicka in Skyrim could provide (xpost from r/theydidthemonstermath)

TheElderScrolls14 - I got bored and decided to calculate how many calories magicka in Skyrim could provide (xpost from r/theydidthemonstermath)

Approach: When approaching the issue of converting fantastical units to mundane units, one needs a reference point. For this we are using the spell sparks, and seeing how long it takes for it to kill a bandit, an enemy that we may surmise is an average human being.

Caveats: As there is a lot of variance that comes with determining how much electricity it takes to kill a human being, we will have to make assumptions and generalizations, due to the constant nature of the damage in Skyrim

We Begin

A level 1 Bandit in Skyrim has 35 health

Sparks deals 8 damage a second

Therefore it will take 4.375 seconds for the spell sparks to kill a regular human being

But how much electricity does it take to kill a human being? According to Ohio university(1) 100 milliamps is fatal to a human being, in a single shock. Given that it takes 4,375 seconds to kill a human, we'll say sparks has a current of 75 milliamps, as the sustained current would be ample to kill a human.

Now that we have the current, we'll need Voltage. To get voltage, we'll need to multiply amps by resistance. Resistance can vary wildly due environmental factors, but due to the constant nature of damage in Skyrim, we'll need to have a single number as well. The National Institute for Occupational Health and safety states that under dry conditions human skin offers 100,000 Ohms of resistance, while wet conditions can drop that to 1,000 Ohms of resistance (2). So we'll put our constant smack dab in the middle, 50,500 Ohms. So V=IR where I is amperage and R is resistance. So the voltage needed would be 0.075×50,500=3785.5

Now that we have Volts we'll need to calculate Watts. W=A x V where a is amps and v is volts. So P(power)= .075 x 3785.5, P=283.9125 Watts to produce the amperage we need. So over three seconds, we will have produced 851.7375 watts in three seconds. But watts per second is a bad unit, so we'll convert it to Kilo Watt Hours. So we produce 283.9125 in 1 second, in 60 seconds we'll produce 17034.75 watts, and in an hour we'll produce 1022085 Watts, or 1022.085 kWH of energy being needed for the spell sparks.


No to get calories we will need to multiply kWH by 860.421 to get 879423.04015 calories needed.(3)

Now that we have the calories needed for an hour of sparks we can convert back down to calories per second. 879423.04015 / 60= 14657.0506692 per minute / 60 = 244.284177819 calories per second

Sparks costs 19 magicka per second with no modifiers, therefore, 244.284177819 calories / 19 magicka = 12.8570619905 calories per magicka.




Edit: I was a big dumb, somehow thought 35/8 is 3, but using a calculator shows it is 4.375. Thanks /u/RavTimLord ! I might have changed the creature I used

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