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I Hate Dungeons and I Hate the Undaunted Chest

TheElderScrolls1 - I Hate Dungeons and I Hate the Undaunted Chest

This is mostly a vent, but I hate the Undaunted and Dungeons. I roll my best as a tank. Am I the best tank in the game, no, am I the worst, I like to think not but people seem to think otherwise. I got gear, been using Ebon and Livewire for longest time but have recently switched Livewire for Akaviri for quicker Ultimates. I've looked up guides to even help with my Skill Setup especially since I'm both a Breton and a Dragon Knight. I've even cured Werewolf and swapped for Vampire because of it. But no matter what I FUCKING DO it's always MY FAULT! Taunting the Boss, DPS and Healer Dies. Taunts other NPCs with Boss, AOE happens that kills everyone and my fault, Luring enemies to required position, thing happens Healer dead. Fucking any other Tiny Micro-Management in Dungeons I didn't list, "Not doing your job Tank, gtfo because you suck." I'M DOING THE BEST I CAN JUST TO TRY AND GET THE GEAR THAT IS RECOMMENDED FOR MY GOD DAMN JOB! I'm Chaining the Adds towards me so you can AOE, I'm making sure that Boss is on me even though sometimes Boss will pick on one of you because technical programing reasons. I'm doing EVERYTHING that I CAN to help. But because I'm not the BEST TANK IN THE GAME, I'm punished for it even though I'm trying to get the gear that can both help and improve myself.


And then there's the Chests at the Undaunted, when you finally do get a Monster Mask that suites to your job, you gotta use a key on a chest, and hope RNG blesses you. Spoiler alert IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING YOU CAN'T USE OR DON'T NEED! Yay, Bloodspawn Visage, gimme those two keys because Scroll of Glorious Battle, you get Light Shadowrend and Medium Nightflame. Well that's okay there's always the other Daily, Dungeon didn't have a Scroll, required your whole team to do a specific requirement but one person in the group did the one thing not to do for double key so you get one key. That's fine maybe I'll get Bloodspawn Pauldrons with one Key? NOPE you get another Nightflame, But at least it's heavy perfect for a Tank but still a Healer Related set. Well there's always the Daily from the DLC Dungeons even though they're designed to kick everyone's ass. Miracle has happened, you beat it with Scroll, get your keys, Get's Bloodspawn… in Light Armor… and another Nightflame Heavy. WHY WERE THESE CHESTS DESIGNED TO BE SO RNG RELIANT!? Like I don't even CARE if it pops out to be "Training" I can change that thanks to Clockwork City. But a lot of gear that is recommended for various game plays whether you're a tank, healer, or DPS is locked in the RNG Chests and it pisses me off that something that is highly recommended for my job is locked behind numbers. And then there's the DLC Dungeons, which again can kick anyone's ass if you're not doing it right, which means MORE uptight bungholes who get themselves killed because "I'm Not Doing Job Good Enough" kicks me out or leaves making me in general out of reach of specific Monster Mask that I need.

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I do my best with what I have. Is what I have the best sets to have, no but a lot of the best sets to have are on these highly difficult dungeons that require a lot of skill to even obtain. And while I'm not the best, I am trying to improve in both gear and skill, but I still have to have my ass chewed out for not being the best. Which in turn lowers my self-esteem and makes me want to overall quit doing dungeons. And when I do get the Mask I want/need, I still have to deal with the terrible RNG with the chests, meaning I have to do more Dungeons Daily. Suppose I can at least skip certain Dungeons, or do a Normal Dungeon, but that means less keys meaning less chances to get the shoulders you want.

Lot of you may not care, some will even downright judge me, but like I said at the start this was mostly to vent. I'm just ultimately frustrated with how Dungeons are like with the Dungeons themselves, other players, and the Undaunted Chest system. I want to improve, I want to be a better player, but factors have been making me feel "That's not possible."

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