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I hate MMOs. I love, really love, ESO.

TheElderScrolls1 - I hate MMOs. I love, really love, ESO.

Tl;dr: Umm, title? LOL

I hate MMOs and have since I first tried one way back when they began to become popular. I am a long-time roleplayer; from D&D in college decades ago to MUDs in the 80s and 90s (anyone remember MUDs?) – I disliked MMOs because:

  1. People running around, jumping all over the place, ruining "muh immersion". No one roleplaying through actions, let alone words. Everything is a rush, rush, rush.

  2. I remember the graphics being pretty bad (my computer was not great but it was more the style rather than the fidelity).

  3. There was not a focus on story. It always seemed to me like everything boiled down to "Kills Lots of X" – and I dislike feeling forced to log in daily just to keep up with levels and content – a reason I avoid mobile games as well.

  4. I am, despite the fact that I've run a YouTube channel for six years and now livestream regularly, not a people person to be honest. I just don't play well with others. I can play NICE with others, I am not rude, but I just prefer to roleplay my own story.

However to my surprise, I love, simply adore, ESO. The only reason I tried it was because I was looking for a group activity that I could do with my patrons for the upcoming 100 patrons celebration. Since my channel is known for voiced roleplay (I started the channel on Skyrim's first anniversary with a voiced roleplay of a character named Mala), I have been asked many times over the years to join an MMO so people could roleplay with me. So I thought, well, since the channel started with Elder Scrolls, maybe I could put up with an MMO for an evening with patrons on some very specific event, like clearing a dungeon and story or somesuch. So I downloaded ESO. This is what I discovered that I love about it:

  1. It runs so well. I have a good system, but Skyrim still has this annoying "jittering" that gives me a headache every time. I get 60-100 FPS in ESO and it is smooth as silk.

  2. It is GORGEOUS. Wow. So beautiful. I added a reshade and it is even more amazing.

  3. It is HUGE! So much to explore! So much bigger than Skyrim (reasonably, cause it is all of Tamriel). I get lost. A LOT.

  4. It is moddable! ❤️️ And I have modded the HECK out of Skyrim, taking three weeks to set up mods for a new series, testing, crashing, load order, the whole shebang. And here? Drop in the mod in Minion Mod Manager. Load the game. Mod works. Glorious!

  5. The voice acting seems much better and more varied (more actors) than Skyrim to me.

  6. The stories (finished the Morrowind opening and the Elsewyr prologue so far) are good so far. I start the main storyline in next week's stream. (Abnur Tharn is a big dick.)

  7. The community is so kind. Someone gave me 200 soul gems when they saw my character dead. Another player made armor and weapons for me. Another player helped me through a delve. Another one helped me learn better combat.

  8. I have two RL friends who play and we have been doing voiced roleplay on our mics through discord! Discord is amazing for shared roleplay. We all stream our games on the call, one person keeps their game volume up on discord, the rest of us mute (and mute our dialogue slider in game) Then the person who's volume is up clicks on the NPC and we all hear what the NPC is saying as we click along in our separate games. And we stay in character, voicing our characters! So fun! (I am learning, slowly, how to play with others. This old lady can still learn a new trick or two.) P.S. Are there any roleplay guilds where people use mics and voice? I do not want to roleplay by text in chat. RP must be family-friendly, not adult.

  9. The combat is so fun! Pew! Pew! I love it. It is fast paced (for me, I am a slow player, not quick fingered) but I can still comprehend. It is basically point and shoot, but with the skills I can learn more mechanics over time as I am ready. My character, Esme, loves running headlong into battle yelling "For Skyrim! For the Nords!" She is a trip. LOL

  10. No matter what level you are you can play with other players! You do not have to "keep up" with your friends level-wise. This was awesome! Also, I love roleplaying with emotes (Lovely Emotes mod). Esme nods to guards, waves at players, bows in thanks. Some players emote back!

  11. I've been told that what your character does, that changes the world, actually shows up in world! And NPCs comment on it! ❤️️ I always hated that this did not happen in Skyim.

  12. I am not forced to pay a monthly subscription. This is huge. I am not interested in a crafting bag so that is not a selling point for me. If I want DLCs, I will buy them, I am not interested in renting them with a subscription.

I have not gotten involved in crafting or daily stuff or group dungeons. I keep zone chat turned off. I am basically playing the game as a single-player that I can also play with two close friends who are safe and understanding towards a new player.

I have learned to deal with other players running about by seeing them all as mercenaries that have been hired for the war in Cyrodiil. They are running to and from battle, gathering resources, and other war-related stuff. So it bothers me less. But I will never understand why everyone must run everywhere – what is the danged hurry?

Anyway, I love this game. I just adore it.

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