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So this is about the soul gem refund that came with patch 2.5. Before the patch was deployed, the new balance changes were outlined on the TESL website in addition to a new refund policy for the altered cards. Originally, I had thought the policy would apply the automatic 75% refund to the nerfed cards only, which seemed to make the most sense. However, after re-reading the policy, the language did strongly imply that all of the REBALANCED cards would come with a refund (I provided the pertinent quote from the TESL site below). Apparently, I wasn’t alone in this thinking, as several people on this forum were considering crafting premium versions of Enamor’s Keeper and the other cards to benefit from the rather generous refund policy. Well I went ahead and actually crafted premiums of the buffed cards, which required me to sacrifice a significant amount of normal cards, include ~10 legendaries, from my collection. Needless to say, I was disappointed to discover that the buffed cards from patch 2.5 did not come with a refund. Given the language on the TESL site regarding the new policy, I decided to file a support ticket. The response was even more disappointing. If you don’t want to hear it from this horse’s mouth, I’ve provided the full transcript below to let you come to your own conclusions.

The TL:DR version is that I initially requested a soul gem refund of the premium buffed cards and asked them to delete those cards from my collection. When they said they couldn’t do it, I thought maybe it was a backend problem, so I asked if there was another way to reimburse for the miscommunication on the TESL website, like a 30-45 card pack replacement. Now you may disagree with the amount of packs that I requested, but keep in mind that for someone who previously had a full collection, this would only net ~3-5.5k gems, not even a third of what would be needed to restore my missing cards. Bethesda’s response: “Sorry bro. No can do.”

While this is obviously disappointing, it actually stung a bit more because I just purchased ~$50 worth of premium HoM legendaries yesterday. The sad truth is that I would have settled for 5 packs as a “sorry for the misunderstanding” ceremonial gesture. While I’m not going to conclude from this experience that Bethesda doesn’t care about its customers (support has been quite helpful in the past), I do think that now is the perfect time for me to retire from this game. I originally discovered TESL after doing voice work on some of its expansions and was planning to collect my audio samples and leave. However, I stayed for the excellent gameplay, perhaps a little too long. In any case, to everybody I’ve played over the last year or so (even those chumps who taunt and rope), thanks for the games and GG.

Peace out,


Soul gem refund issue after patch 2.5


After patch 2.5 went live, 7 cards were rebalanced (4 nerfed, 3 buffed). Along with this change, the TESL website outlined the new refund policy:

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I received a refund of 16200, which accounts for the premium versions of Tullius' Conscription, Ash Berserker, Genius Pathmage and Goblin Skulk which were nerfed. However, if you look at the website, it says that refunds would be issued for REBALANCED cards, not just the cards that were nerfed. Knowing this, I actually sacrificed a significant amount of my collection as well as gold to get enough soul gems to craft 3x premium copies of the buffed cards as well (Enamor's Keeper, Temple Conjurer and Temple Patriarch) before the new patch went live. With what I believed to be the refund policy, this would have allowed me to purchase these cards at a discount, hence the motivation. However, since they were not refunded, I just lost a significant amount of my resources and collection to crafting non-competitive cards. Is there any way that I could get a soul gem refund for the premium buffed cards (14,400 for Enamor's Keeper, 1,200 for Temple Conjurer, 1,200 for Temple Patriarch for a total of 16,800 soul gems)? Feel free to delete the premium versions of these cards from my collection afterwards.


Warm regards,
Tian Wang


Thank you for contacting the Bethesda Customer Support Team.

Could you send us your BUID? You can locate your BUID by clicking on the "Settings" icon ? and then the "i" icon at the bottom of the page. The # will begin with BUID followed by a string of numbers. ?

Once we have this, we can look into the possibility of your request. We'll be looking forward to hearing back from you.

Thank you for your continued interest and support!

Warm Regards,
Bethesda Customer Support

Hey Jesse,

Great to hear from you.

Here's the requested info:

Version 275087


Greetings, Tian!

Thanks for your patience. My name is Tuesday.

After looking into this, I regret to inform you that we cannot grant your request. We cannot refund those three cards.

If you have any more problems or questions, please contact us again.

Have a wonderful day!

Kind regards,

Bethesda Customer Support

Hi Tuesday,

Thank you for the reply. While I understand that it might be difficult to fulfill my request via changes on the backend, I do think that this problem should be rectified with some sort of reimbursement.

Keep in mind that the issue I’ve brought forth was due to a fundamental miscommunication between Sparkypants (the TESL developers) and their customers, which STRONGLY implied that ALL of the rebalanced cards (not just the nerfed cards) would be reimbursed. Here’s the quote from the TESL website:

“These changes will be going into effect as part of the upcoming Patch 2.5. With this patch, we’re also changing how we handle refunds for rebalanced cards. We wanted to be more generous to affected players, as we understand how disruptive balance changes can be, as well as simplify what was previously a confusing system. The way it works now is that you will get to keep your card and the next time you log in to Legends (within three weeks), we will simply credit your account with the difference in Soul Gems between its Soul Summon cost and its Soul Trap value, based on how many copies of each card you own (up to three).“

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In this case, I believe it is best to err on the side of the customer (a paying one no less who recently spent ~$75 during this month’s deals). Because of the misunderstanding, I took major efforts to craft the buffed premium cards prior to the patch implementation and had to sacrifice a significant portion of my collection to do so. I was also not alone in my belief that all rebalanced cards would be reimbursed as this was a topic of some discussions on the Reddit TESL page. Perhaps you could reimburse me with 30-45 packs from the Core collection (most of my dusted cards were from this set)? While this would not be nearly enough to recover the 10 or so Legendary cards that I dusted, it would go along way to restoring the cards of other rarities that I’ve lost.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Tian Wang

Hello Tian,

I hate to have to be the bearer of bad news here but we are still unable to refund those cards for you.

We are sorry that this is the case but please feel free to reach back out to us if you have any other unrelated questions or concerns.

Warm Regards,
Bethesda Customer Support

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