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I hope the next marriage and family and Follower addition to the Elder Scrolls has more than what Skyrim has.

TheElderScrolls5 - I hope the next marriage and family and Follower addition to the Elder Scrolls has more than what Skyrim has.

What I want in a Spouse and family addition:

  • The ability to marry any Available NPC: If they are married, then if you kill their spouse without being identified, then you can marry, also any Enemy NPC's can also become a spouse, In Skyrim I always wanted:

A Forsworn Wife: This Character Had a background of being a wanderer with no home, wanted a Forsworn to be the one reason he wanted to stay in Skyrim, but had to settle for a Dunmer.

A Hagraven: This Character was a Neromancer Build, story was him trying to become a Lich and wanted him to be with a hagraven, to bad the quest "A Night to Remember" did not give you the option to stay with the Hagraven.

A Flame Atronach: The Character was a Conjurer with a fetish for fires (He was a Pyro) and fell in love with the Flame Atronach he summoned.

  • I also want the ability to assign rooms and decorate them the way I want so I can have the Children either together or in separate rooms.

  • the Ability to adopt more than two children.

  • The Spouse can own a shop you can build for them and have a choice of jobs to choose from, in order from the spouses perferred choice to least favorite.

  • Ability to divorce your spouse

  • The ability to Disown your children

  • Ability to teach your family members how to fight and defend.

  • A better Custom home design (Hearthfire was a great start), I want to be able to build a Tent (Camp area) to a Mansion to a Castle to a Full on City keep.

  • Ability to assign followers living areas you own and jobs: Sometimes I get tired of looking for a particular follower and so would be nice to assign them a place to live and followers should be able to work for you instead of just following you and your limited directions, would be cool if you could build a shop and have them work for you.

  • In all honesty, I would love the ability to build a castle with:

an Armory

Alchemy lab

Enchanter area

Garden area

Childrens rooms



Main Master Bedroom

Follower quarters

Training area

Smithing area


Animal pens

Trophy room: When a certain task is done, an Item will appear here like an achievement.

Treasure room

Office space: Here would have a Safe/Chest area to place quest items that are in you inventory so you can free up space and quest markers will show arrow pointing to the container for future reference if the item is still needed, also here is where a local map will show updates on where you been with little notes to make it seem like you were keeping things updated.

A jail/prison area: would love a capture feature and as long as you or your follower is able to bring the person you captured over safely, you can fill up your cells.

A Zoo area: Calling it a zoo area, but like the Jail/Prison, this area if for capturing wildlife and if you capture a male and female of the species, they could breed and you could also experiment on them or you could just capture them just to watch them like a zoo.

Sorry for writing so much about what I want, it is 2:41AM here now and I have not been to sleep in about 43 hours so I must be rambling a lot, but from what I can recall, this is something I would love to see in the next TES

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