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I just got a 72 hour ban from the official ESO forums when I had done nothing wrong

TheElderScrolls1 - I just got a 72 hour ban from the official ESO forums when I had done nothing wrong

A situation where looking at the context would have cleared up any misunderstanding and supposed wrong-doing.

TL;DR – a person took my response as an insult and assumed my intentions for the worst, because they have a bias against me from our previous disagreements in the past, and got me suspended from the forums for 72 hours. When I had done nothing wrong.

This is frustrating not only because they won't lift the ban but also it brings into question the mods ability to accurately & reliably assess a situation before making a decision.


On the ESO forums there is a thread called "Why do people hate Argonians?" it was a genuine question asking why some people had a dislike of the race. It's an ongoing conversation that you can find in the general discussion section.

Anyways, I said why I think some people don’t like them, based on what I had seen, and expressed my love of the race as well as showed off my main character – who is an Argonian.

Later in the thread a person expressed their reasoning for not playing the race. (I won’t say names, so I’ll refer to them as Banana)

Banana and I have heavily disagreed with on a completely unrelated topic threads about the idea of “Veteran Overland”.

No name calling has happened, although Banana has on some occasions insinuated or outright accused those that disagreed with them of lying, having a secret agenda, and even said there was a possibility that the opposing side was creating multiple accounts to support their arguments.

Anyway – Banana replied to a comment saying:

"I don't identify with my characters as much as my characters identify with me. They represent me so they need to have certain characteristics to fulfill that role. Lizards and cats don't do it."

“I cannot connect to the personalities and demeanors of reptiles and animals. I just can’t.”

Someone else replied: "We are animals"

In response Banana said:

“Humans are mammals. They also have a much more advanced intelligence than either lizards or cats. If you identify with Khajiit and Argonians, that is fine for you. I don't and I never will.”

From my perspective the reptile / feline nature of the beast races had no bearing on their intelligence so I replied to this comment:

“I mean, Argonians and Khajiit are just as intelligent as you”


It seems clear to me that I am stating that the beast races are just as intelligent as humans. (EDIT: Seems like nothing to get upset over)

(yes I do have screenshots of it all and I am not making this up)

Later, I received an e-mail


This account has violated the Code of Conduct on the ESO Forums regarding Baiting:

"I mean, the Argonians and Khajiit are just as intelligent as you."

As a result, the forum account has been temporarily suspended for 72 hours.

I replied to this e-mail explaining the misunderstanding and pointing out the context. I have not heard back yet. I still cannot access my forum account.

What this means though is that Banana took my reply as an insult, which is odd because in no way was my reply worded that way. The only ways Banana could have taken that statement as an insult was either.

  1. They thought that Argonians & Khajiit are stupid and felt insulted when told that Beast Races are as smart as they are.
  2. This person let their negative bias towards me cloud their judgement and assume that I had meant the worst.

However, why would a person who likes Argonians insult another person by comparing their intelligence to an Argonian? That makes no sense.

Either way, what I do know is that I am very frustrated because I had followed the rules, still got a suspension – and I had no ability to defend myself.

No one contacted to ask me what I had meant, or bothered to look at the full context of that conversation – because if they had then they would have seen that I meant nothing by my statement.

They immediately took the side of one person, who’s bias I would call into question, rather than making the effort to get the full story. Which makes me question the reliability of the mods to maintain the peace, as opposed to being used as a tool by others who are looking to ban anyone they don’t like.

This could have been resolved peacefully and respectfully – but right now I don't feel respected.

I get that people make mistakes – but- How can I be confident that situations like this won't happen again? How do I know it won’t happen again where things unnecessarily escalate and I get banned even though I did nothing wrong?

What is the next thing I say that will be taken out of context which gets me booted?

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