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I just started my adventures in ESO and all I do is steal

TheElderScrolls3 - I just started my adventures in ESO and all I do is steal

Hello, I'm new around here. I know it's very cliché to say the mandatory "I've loved my time in TES: Skyrim/Oblivion!" but hey, I guess that'd be me too cause I sure did play those games to absolute exhaustion – and guess what my FAVORITE faction was? You're goddamn right: Thieves Guild.

I started ESO roughly 2 years ago, no subscription or DLCs, but only played for about 20 hours before I ultimately quit, due to not being sucked in by the game or just being too dumb to grasp its selling features. I've got over 17 years of experience in online MMOs and religiously played WoW for over 13 years nonstop, RP background included and all.

I've rejoined 1 week and a half ago. Got all the chapters and got a subscription going on and let me tell ya', I 've done basically NOTHING but steal things from NPCs and safeboxes. All day. Every. Day.

Tutorial? Already started stealing things. Main quest? Haven't even done the first quest. Crafting? Don't even know how to hit a rock on dirt yet. Any sort of productive behavior? Nope, still sneaking around.

All I care about is stealing. Got the Thieves Guild costume dyed in a darker color, the Thief personality unlocked annnd I'm almost done getting the "Master Thief" title. I'm all about thievery. My girlfriend also started playing, she and even my brand new guildmates (just joined a guild for the first time but I think I'm too talkative for 'em) just don't understand how I can possibly just be a filthy thief for hours and hours everyday without ever getting bored of it.

I'm pretty sure there is no "right" way to play this game or any MMO in general, but I do believe I'm playing it wrong from many players' perspectives and it's hilarious. At first people think I'm mistakenly doing it for the gold or because of achievements, but no, not really, I'm doing it for pleasure. I am 100% immersed half the time, too. I AM the night. I AM THE SHADOW. THE DARK BLUR STEALING YOUR PURSE.


Ahem… so, I just wanted to share my new player experience these past 2 weeks. It's been pretty fun. It's a nice change of scenery from WoW/Runescape, with a much bigger focus on storytelling and immersion than just mindless grinding (so far, at least).

I'm reasonably confused about how apparently meaningless the skills and combat systems are, but I'm fairly sure I feel that way because I'm still a level 20 and all mobs are scaled to my level – I dunno, my skill and combat choices just seem to matter very little.

I wish people would be more social and talkative, as I find myself talking to the wind more often than not. I believe this would be remedied by having a guild but I've been having such a hard time joining one – they just won't invite me, even though they explicitly said they're looking for new players. Or they say they're social but never reply to my whispers.

With that being said, if you read this monstrosity of a poorly formatted post, I would like to express my dire need for a mentor in this game. Not necessarily a guild (I know, moderators!), just a friendly soul to endure my endless questions since most people at the zone and guild chats don't seem to indulge my curiosity very much. I do my best reading this reddit, discord, guides and videos but I'm still confused about so many aspects!

I like ESO. It's a great game and I'm excited to see more of it… if I could just go ahead and do that instead of just stealing stuff all day.

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