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I just wanna say. Im a little upsetti spaghetti right now. Rant.

TheElderScrolls5 - I just wanna say. Im a little upsetti spaghetti right now. Rant.

I don't know if you all are aware, but there is an issue with Zenimax and Verizon that's been going on since last September (as far as i can see anyway) where some lucky people who happen to have Verizon, cannot patch their game. The past couple months I have worked around it by repairing the launcher every time there was an update. pain in the ass, but it worked. But this small update the other day screwed that up completely.

I had the bright idea of uninstalling the game and reinstalling the game thinking maybe a clean slate will fix everything! Well, let me tell you. that got me nowhere. The second the launcher had to download anything it froze and broke. So here I was, ESO completely removed from my system with a completely unresponsive installer.

A friend of mine was nice enough to gift me a steam copy. We though maybe that will work a little better, it was a gift, but thats an additional 20 dollars spent on top of my purchase of the game and my membership just to try and get the game working like it was the other day. The game downloaded fine, but after a certain point in patching, it froze again. After looking through many things online, Changing firewall permissions, forwarding ports, allowing it through Av's attempting to dig through partial downloads, I finally gave in and tried one of the first things I saw but thought to myself, Nah. that's absolutely ridiculous.


I paid for a VPN. I paid 12.95 for a month of a VPN. And LO and behold. The game patched just fine and here I am in storm haven doing quests.

So now I have the game from launch. A steam copy that my friend was generous enough to provide, a membership that ive paid countless dollars into. And now I very well may need to pay this 13 dollars a month to keep the game updated. like..I understand its not on Zenimax, (entirely…) its on Verizon but im a little frustrated. Im glad the game is working don't get me wrong, but the fact that zenimax themselves recommend getting a vpn is just crazy to me. Its their last response on a big thread regarding the issue. Thats not an official fix by any means and it seems like they are done trying as I found posts rather recently about the same problem.

Part of me is glad to be in the game again but the other part of me is saying this is unacceptable and that I shouldn't still support it..

If anyone is having a similar issue your only option may be to use a VPN. I used ExpressVPN

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