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I know im late to the party, but: Can’t believe how good of a adventure game Skyrim is.

TheElderScrolls12 - I know im late to the party, but: Can't believe how good of a adventure game Skyrim is.

Hey there!

First of all, i apologize in advance for my broken english. It's not my native lenguage and im usually akward as hell, so i dont usually post here or anywhere. I just wanted to share my experience with this fantastic game with you all. I'm a sucker for all the known fantasy related games: Final Fantasy, Warcraft, The Witcher, Zelda, etc. But never played any Elder Scrolls until V. I started playing Skyrim on PC about two or three years ago, but i didnt make it very far. Then, I bought it again for Nintendo Switch and played a little more. And again, i leave it behind. Dont know why, but it never cought me the same way other games have done.

Then, this year, as almost all of us, i have a little more time in my hands, so i decided to inmerse myself on the world of Tamriel, again. And this time, oh boy, this time i came to stay. Sure, i strugled with the combat at first. Almost every enemy was a challenge for my puny nordic, the world was huge and vast, and my horses had a tendecy to die often and dont get my started on those pesky Dragons, but nevertheless, i decided to persevere. And im glad i did it. A few levels later and im a one-man army, heavy armored to the teeth (Because it doesnt matter if im clunky or bad in combat if the attacks do not harm me), with a trusty shield on one hand and a bloddy maze on the other, im ready to accept almost any quest and help anyone who need it. Im amazed by the level of content this game has. Every place has a story, every town is a new start. Here the decisions matters a lot. I lost the track of all the quests i still have to do, and all the people i met (and, ahem, killed in some cases) and i couldnt be more happy. Give me more stories, give me more adventures.Yes, I know the gameplay its not as fluid as some of the new games outhere, and heck yes, it has a lot of bugs and usually crashes (The Switch version at least), but i dont care. Im happy being a nordic. Altough, as a Dwarf lover, it sucks i cant make one (Yes, i know of the mod, but again, im playing on a console).


I decided to play at least until i bring down that old and evil Alduin, and then perhaps i will jump to other games for a time, but i know in my heart that Skyrim has a part of me now, so i know i will return sooner or later.

I want to try the older games eventually. I dont mind if they havent aged well, i enjoy the mechanics of every generation. And yes, im waiting for Elder Scrolls 6, although im almost sure my computer wouldnt handle it, so perhaps that will be the whole reason to buy a Series S (Because i dont have a 4k TV and im happy with the one i have right now).

Oh well, thats all i wanted to share with you all. If you made it this far, thank you for reading all my nonsense.

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