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I know its been probly asked a lot on here…but what’s your opinion on every elder scrolls game?

TheElderScrolls15 - I know its been probly asked a lot on here...but what's your opinion on every elder scrolls game?

From my own expirience
Arena was actually quite tiring,just a simple dungeon crawler not much of lore.Doesn't really feel like the first Elder scrolls game(actually how much is Jaggar Tharn meantioned in later games?).every dungeon felt like a monotonous labirynth.The best thing about the game was being able to travel the entire Tamriel and just see the places you know from the later games Dagoth ur,labirynthian all that

Daggerfall…that one's big and feels much more like a beginning of the most popular action RPG computer game series but with big games come big bugs from falling throught the map into the void to broken quests other than that the game's great ironiclly here you can explore only high rock and part of hammerfell but the game's world is much bigger (as i've heard cause o wouldn't dare to travel that world without fast travel) here you learn about most of the gods and the deadra's here are all the guilds introduced.the worst thing alongside bugs are dungeons…they're gigantic and even more labirynthy than the ones in Arena which is really annoying i haven't expirienced the plot tho cause i haven't been doing main quests yet the game is hard to get started it took me 3 attempts to begin each with a new character cause i either got soft locked or my character build is broken and i'm not sure if my current one will survive the game gives plenty of freedom wanna just randomly rob one of hundreds of houses in a random town? you can do it wanna buy yourself a house in every possible city?no problem,or just get yourself a ship which will work as a house in which you can travel except for bugs and also kinda monotonny of old dungeon crawlers i can't say anything bad about this one


next we have morrowind the first modern the elder scrolls i've played a lot of it when i was younger morrowind's world is amazing the giant mashrooms,flying gigantic netches,the architecture in general they had more graphical possibilities and they did the best of it when it comes to world building its definitly one of the best elder scrolls when it comes to atmosphere climate of the game you can really feel the world,plot felt a little more complicated than in every other TES game,it was full of mechanics that all the fans of old elder scrolls loved,variety of skills and all the items (Chittin armor is the best looking armor in entire serie) the fighting feels off bad its like that in most tes games,The quests mostly the ones for the guilds are really boring which is kind of an issue with all the 3 first elder scrolls

Oblivion in my opinion is the best connection between the old elder scrolls and the new ones it kept the spellmaking,custom classes,all the skills and magic that old scrolls had and the entire feel that Skyrim later lost its really all i can say its simplier than the older one's but still has their spirit and honestly quests in oblivion felt the best every little quest or questline had its little plot twist and oblivion started enchancing the skills with the talents that you get after increasing your skills which made leveling much more intresting

Skyrim unfortunetly lost all of the magic of the previous games and it got the most simplified it had less skills although the perk system has been added which was pretty cool and for some reason i don't even know what to say about skyrim

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