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I know this has been posted s lot lately, but her we go again: invade is killing ESL

TheElderScrolls8 - I know this has been posted s lot lately, but her we go again: invade is killing ESL

I know I’ll be downvoted for all of this but… invade goes against what ESL has stood for (card game wise), for so long. It’s a broken mechanic that allows players to brainlessly win using RNG and other tools.

By now we’ve all heard the complaints about invade being the largest influx of RNG into this game yet and how it’s honestly quite the problem so I’ll not go into that, instead I’ll talk about the others.

It allows incredible aggro and a fair amount of board advantage. So let’s start off with the reason why it allows so much aggro… first, the buffs.

Summoning an oblivion gate gives you multiple buffs at level 1 it’s no big deal. at level 2 we start to get +1/+1 for all your friendly deadra… while not incredibly game breaking, keep in mind that because invade decks are so linear they are mostly daedra anyway, therefore this +1/+1 acts almost like a divine fervor (5 cost) that’s playable from turn 1. At level 3 your daedra all cost 1 less… this is where the steam roll starts to happen. With your daedra costing one less you can easily throw more and more daedra into the field (many of which will also be leveling up your gate) presenting plenty of opportunity to crush face. It promotes the mind set “swarm the field with daedra” and pretty much doesn’t allow for anything else when you’re playing invade. So by level 3 it’s becomes really easy to gain board advantage and level up your gate all the while your creatures are benefiting from a +1/+1 that lingers even after the gate is destroyed. Then we get into the keyword nonsense that you already know. By the time you’re getting keywords it’s too late for your opponent and you can pretty much smash face until you win.

The last reason why invade creates such a board advantage is because it’s not just promoting swarming the field with daedra as well as making it easier… when you summon a gate you’re summoning another body! This isn’t just “friendly creatures get so and such ability” this is more akin to “summon so and such support card to the shadow lane.” Because it’s an entire additional body that is summoned and must be dealt with it means that your opponent focuses on taking out the gate instead of your buffed creatures giving you even more opportunity to attack face.


So when you invade you’re summoning a 0/4 oblivion gate that MUST be dealt with on the opponents next turn… unfortunately this gate is summoned into the shadow lane so unless the opponent is running specific actions or card effects they won’t be able to destroy it with traditional creature attacks. And because you can use low cost invade cards to get a level 3 gate from turn one you’re opponents options with dealing with a gate at that turn is pretty limited to execute. So even though you’re opponent is required to address your gate immediately, their options are limited and they can’t deal with it traditionally! So your gate is almost guaranteed to survive into the next turn. So the whole idea of “deal with the gate early” doesn’t really apply.

Then we’ve got the problem with the gate’s level acting as entirely new cards… so creating copies of them and and drawing them from the discard allows you to draw high level gates with no effort.

Sorry for the rambling but here are some thoughts on addressing it. (Aside from keyword problems)

1). And everyone who defends JoO after buying so much will probably hate this… but put your gate into the field lane or give it guard… It allows charge creatures to deal with it right off the bat.

2). Don’t allow the gate to start gaining additional health until level 5… this means that while you’re leveling up it gives creatures a chance to take it out while it loses covers and isn’t being healed. If also allows for blue cards such as lightning bolt to take it out.

3). Make it so gates can only gain one level per turn (unless using invasion party). This way it takes away the mindset “swarm the field” and allows the player to put more thought behind their turn.

4). Add “while oblivion gate is alive” to the beginning of it so that once it dies creature lose their keywords and their buffs.

Lastly I’d just like to add that we all love this game… the fact that we’ve seen so many “invasion bad, I’m leaving” posts should be concerning to the community. We all want to see this game thrive so if we see a large group of players leaving suddenly for a shared reason we really should look into that reason. This game has been great and it’s been fun… but it’s not quite that at this moment and we should try to address that.

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