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I love being a Sorcerer

TheElderScrolls13 - I love being a Sorcerer

I don’t think anybody will care about this, but I figured I would post my newfound love for this beautiful game.

Last October, I tried the free trial for ESO. I started off making my character, like we all do (obviously) and chose a tiny Wood Elf Nightblade. I wanted to be a rogue, because I’ve only been one once or twice. I always, always go with tanks. I was a tank in Skyrim, I was a tank in Divinity: Original Sin 1 and 2, I was a tank in all three Dragon Age games. You get the idea. I love being a tank, but I needed a change. So I decided to dual wield.

Immediately, I was hooked. I played for hours almost everyday and got so lost in the quests, the characters, the voice acting, the customization, and most of all: the environments. Vvardenfell is beautiful, but I loathe trying to find my way around the mushrooms and mountains, and Fetcherfly nests (Not so hard, I just have an irrational hatred for these guys) But this is a story for a different time.

I became bored of my build. And it became difficult, because I didn’t know how much planning and detail goes into a stamina DPS build. I didn’t have the right gear, I wasn’t distributing my attribute points correctly, and I ended up just spamming flurry over and over once I got the skill. Yeah, I was one of those. Not anymore though! So I tried a bow on my second bar. It was alright, but I still wasn’t happy.


I looked up builds for dual wielding and bows. I was dealing more damage, finally getting the hang of things. I reached CP 100 and noticed I was dealing even MORE damage and I was able to take more damage as well. But after reaching CP 100, I needed something fresh. I needed something new.

I made a Breton sorcerer, because I read they have higher sustain and I didn’t want to be an elf again. And oh man, I am in love. I carried my CP over from my Nightblade (which I didn’t know was possible!) and am no longer stumbling and fumbling around Tamriel trying to make the best of a situation. I can damage enemies from far away, I can kill them in so few hits! Having a familiar with me to help when I’m on my own is a nice change. I usually don’t like Mages/sorcerers/wizards etc. but I never realized how strong they can be when they are built up correctly. Especially when you have multiple AOEs at your disposal. And yes, the CP I got most definitely helps with damage and magicka and being able to last longer. As does my knowledge about ESO, as limited as it may be. No wonder I always run into a lot of Sorcerers!

TLDR; I really love being a Sorcerer 🧙‍♂️

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