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I love this game.

TheElderScrolls15 - I love this game.

About a year ago, the love of my life urged me on multiple occasions to play TES:V Skyrim. I have heard so many things about this game and thought about playing it on several occasions throughout the 2010’s, but never pulled the trigger to run through the game. But after awhile, I pulled the trigger and purchased the game and started playing it.

I want to add that I’m not a stranger to Bethesda; I’ve put in hundreds of hours in Fallout 3, NV, and even 4. But as I’ve become older, I’ve found I haven’t had as much time compartmentalized for hardcore gaming as I did when I was younger, and opted for more casual games. Looking back, I think I subconsciously knew that I would have been totally obsessed with Elder Scrolls lore and worldbuilding and didn’t want to feed into my addictive personality. But 2020 was the perfect year for that.

I started my playthrough and was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of content, but thankfully my girlfriend help me decide where to start and I sunk deeper and deeper and fell more and more in love with the Elder Scrolls. The aged graphics and combat were eclipsed by the concept behind the world, the terrain and the cities. Entering Whiterun for the first time was an experience I still have a hard time articulating.

I annoyed my friends and girlfriend talking about Skyrim, but my dad couldn’t get enough of my retelling of some of the quests and areas. He watched when he could, but I could tell he wanted to be the one wielding the controller. I urged him to start a new game but he brushed off my attempts several times before a gave up.

Fast forward to deep in summer quarantine, my dad lets me know he picked up ESO on Xbox and he bought me the base game on sale. Up to this point I really haven’t heard anything about the game other than it being an MMO, but I said I’d give it a shot, especially since I could play with him.

My initial thoughts on ESO weren’t super positive. “How can they capture the same magic Skyrim has? How can an MMO bring the same level of decision making a single player game touts?” I had low expectations.


Despite this, I would log on every so often and joined my dad as he hit the grind super hard. We would duo dungeons over hours that would take a PUG fifteen minutes to complete. But the level adjusting made it fun even though I was so far back in experience.

I started picking up more things here and there and started to build a bond with Wayrest. This city felt closer to Whiterun than any of the other cities and it gave me a really cozy feeling. Then I realized how much experience you can get from you daily random dungeon and other daily quests. And then my dad joined a guild and learned all sorts of stuff he then cascaded to me.

The more time I spent online with my dad, the more I appreciated how big Tamriel is. There’s so much going on in every territory/zone and the game can honestly be played however you want. I would have preferred to play on PC initially, but since my dad chose Xbox, I learned that the people on Xbox are very friendly and willing to help out at any point. I love being able to see areas I’ve heard people talking about in Skyrim and say “wait a minute, I swear I’ve heard about this!” I love seeing familiar Daedra and quests they are heavily involved with, such as Summerset’s Zone Questline. And before I realized it, I’m eager to jump on each day and grind a new skill line and skyshard hunt with my dad.

I’m really glad this game give me and my dad something exciting and fun to do together while we socially distance. And I’m super glad my girlfriend introduced me to the world of Tamriel.

I don’t really know why I’m posting other than just to say that this game is super awesome and I’m glad there’s a community like this dedicated to discussing it. I’ve been a lurker for awhile and for some reason tonight I felt compelled to post. I hope to catch you at the Cloudy Dregs Inn sometime soon!

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