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I pray to the Divines for increased amount of options for sparring battles!

TheElderScrolls1 - I pray to the Divines for increased amount of options for sparring battles!

Greetings, people of Tamriel!

The art of battle is one very, very tough to perfect, what with its different variations. Ranked battles are a completely different beast to tournament battles, and let us not forget about the Arena! It is important to practice for the kind of bouts you intend to primarily partake in, especially if you're a newer tactician, still learning the ropes of what is good and what is good only once in a millenia. The Elder Scrolls: Legends offers us a number of practice opportunities.

  • To prepare for ranked battles you can learn in a stress-free environment in Casual battles, against Artificially-Intelligent opponent or in Friendly, sparring battles, although the last two options do not provide formations that reflect these used in the "real battlefield", for a lack of better phrase.

  • To prepare for Arena battles there currently does not exist a possibility to practice for free, however Solo Arena does teach you, for the most part, the which soldiers, spells or structures help you out and which ones hinder your formation.

  • To prepare for tournament battles, there's technically only Friendly matches, however… these require external discussions regarding formations and rules set by the tournament you aim to practice for.

  • It is worth noting that currently nothing can truly prepare us for what was once known as Chaos Arena. Solo Arena is currently the only thing that comes remotely close to replicating a tenth of the Chaos Arena experience.

Let us think about sparring battles. I believe for this to be the least beloved fragment of the battling art, at least by the Divines. Therefore, consider these requests as my prayer, oh the Divines and fine people of Tamriel!

  • I believe that everything that we currently can participate in prepares us well for ranked battles! However, having an option to see what is still left of your formation would greatly benefit every combatant! Currently Thieves Guild Shadowfoot and Mecinar, but specifically the former of the two, are problematic in an environment present in ranked battles, where formations are concealed from the opponent, due to their ability to ruin a strategy your opponent tries to perform!

  • To improve players' combat skills in Arena, I would like to propose a way to play a practice battle, which would include creating a formation from randomly given soldiers and spells alike, as well as a class, house or alliance selection! This could potentially lead to improved teaching the newcomers by better performing arena combatants!

  • For these seeking experience in tournament environment, and to prepare The Elder Scrolls: Legends for its designated tournament setting, using the first feature I have listed and applying it for your and your opponent's formations, we could achieve an ideal situation where the formations are not concealed and can be easily verified by combatants and referees alike! On top of that, picking who obtains the Ring of Magicka at the start of a battle, possibility of swapping formations with the sparring friend for tournament practice or even ability to enable setting the order of soldiers or spells that you draw to make discussing best possible moves or improving your planning a much easier task!

  • Ability to customize lanes on the battlefield would allow for a better Chaos Arena preparation, simulation and pure fun with a friend on the most bizarre battlefield you could possibly create!

My apologies for mentioning only tournament practice in greater detail, for this is the field of expertise I am trying to master personally – tournament sparring. I did not mention building into the client what mechanisms like Battlefy currently offer, as this is a topic for another time and place. All of my requests could, I feel, be realized within confinement of a sparring match request with a friend. Better abilities to find reality-bending bugs, better abilities to discuss specific maneuvers and better representation of what could one day become a splendid way to practice before major tournaments, rather than the very featureless option to request a friendly match.

Thank you for reading this statement to the very end, citizen. Glory to the Empire!

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