The Elder Scrolls

i really have no choice and out of options

TheElderScrolls13 - i really have no choice and out of options

so i know support stuff needs to go through the official stuff but GOD DAMN!! i can't get it to work.

first i learn that my email already has an account attached to it with a userID i don't remember putting and since it does have that i can't make a new account with that email and only playing the PS4 version of the game, then i realize that the security question is set to something i ether don't remember or never set, making me think someone may have hacked my email but only slightly because the question and the other stuff is how i would set it.

i tried going through the support page but they didn't update the promps when wanting to change the question and you forgot what the question was, so that mean any of the problems they let you select require you to imput your answer to your question which is fu*ked.


second i tried going on the official forums to post in the help section or start PM a support person for this, since i could log in to my account i thought "i can start posting on here" NOPE had to log in again, well i can't! idk if its the same account or you have to make a "fourm" account just for the fourms.

to top it all off i had to guess what the answer was because i had forgotten and now im locked out.

so non of the official support stuff works at ALL and im at my wits end here!!! all i want to to make a support ticket to get this fixed, or just erase the account and make a new one, i don't want to have to make a brand new email JUST becuase zenimax's support page is shit

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