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I Really Miss Oblivion.

TheElderScrolls1 - I Really Miss Oblivion.

I know this is a beaten horse, but I can’t stand it. Oblivion was the best game. Period. Yes I played Morrowind, before I played Oblivion, but the dice roll combat system just sucked. I could do it, I could focus all my skills, but I did not enjoy it. Yes the magic system was good, Spears, crossbows, and ninja stars were cool, but it was such a painful game sometimes.

Oblivion beat Morrowind in one arena over all others:

The open world.

You exit the sewers for the first time, hear that sewer grate close behind you, and you stand out in the bay, almost feeling the sunlight hit your face. Hearing that incredibly relaxing and epic music start to play, as you look around at all the green trees and life, hearing the wind blow through the leaves as you begin to take off into nowhere.

You could just….go.

Yes, you could in Morrowind, but it was more linear in nature, and being an older game, the graphics weren’t as updated. Yes, you had levitation, and jump spells, but it wasn’t the same. Once you hovered over the map, the walkways looked like they were just that…walkways…with mounds in between them.


I know people are going to jump on me, but hear me out. Oblivion was beautiful. The most beautiful Elder Scrolls game that we have. The most stunning and epic. I miss it so much, because we may never have another.

Skyrim was bleak in most areas. The weather was gray and dull. The mountain passes were narrow and linear. The quests were….okay….they were….okay. Nothing stellar. Everyone remembers Whodunnit, and everyone remembers making flaming dogs rain on the houses of Argonian swamp people.

I know Oblivion wasn’t perfect in every way.. the textures sucked sometimes, the faces were just ugly, the game removed mark and recall as well as levitation spells, the way bandits leveled up and had Daedric Armor (wtf?), the main quest was only decent…..but that game just put joy….into your heart. At least mine… that hasn’t been replicated since.

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I just hope Bethesda makes another Elder Scrolls game that matches the level Oblivion has achieved. I hope they can do that.

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