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I really want to like this game, truly.

TheElderScrolls11 - I really want to like this game, truly.

I played ESO for around 2 years and I've been on hiatus from the game since somewhere in 2017. I really enjoyed the game when I first played it, it was full of possibility and I thought to myself: "Man, this is an ES mmo! Something I've always wanted. I can't wait to see how it's improved and what changes await it. Maybe in the future they'll expand upon vampires, werewolves, and even necromancy or even add in a more in-depth skill system? The ideas are limitless!"

Needless to say after 2 years of playing I took a break and then popped back in for like, 2 months then quit again soon after. I was a sorcerer main because it was the "mage" class and I enjoyed it a lot, but I got bored. See, back when I joined I was "alright" with the current mage and I was like: "Yeah I can summon stuff, but I can totally see them expanding the skills in the future!" (Ex: spell crafting, necromancy, vampire/werewolf update, addition of an actual "hunter" guild, ability to summon more than 1 kind of atronach)

But of course, that never came. Basically, I really want to like this game, but the lack of necromancy, spell crafting, updated vampirism/werewolf etc. has kept me from fully enjoying it. See, the thing I like about ES is that it gives a TON of options for your character. I was a huge fan of skyrim because of this, it's where I found I really dig necromancers and vampires in the ES series. ES is the one gaming universe where I can be a vampire necromancer and have it make sense whilst being fun, I've found. All other games either ignore necromancy/summoning/vampires completely or it wouldn't fit in with the lore.

I find it a bit ridiculous how this game, despite having the lore and heck even the abilities, the variety in terms of "what you can be" is extremely low.

I'm only using the vampire-necromancer thing because its simply my playstyle and I love the ES lore around such. Im sure there are a ton of other playstyles that arent present in this game that could eaaaasily be implemented. (Book/hand magic, crossbows, unarmed/monk, etc)

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It's really sad for me because I love EVERYTHING (the combat, the lore, the stories, the raids, the loot, the dungeons) about this game except for the classes and what choices I have. It's just like I told my friend: "No point in playing a game if I don't enjoy the classes or skills I'm using."

Back when I joined, spellcrafting/the addition of more skills or an over-all rework of the skill system and re-vamps (no pun intended xd) of the vamp/werewolf skill lines + the addition of a hunter skill line sounded "hey this could totally be possible in a future expansion!" But I dunno, I'm not seeing it coming anytime soon.

I mentioned I joined back for a brief period, around 2-3 months or so. This was literally because apparently a model for the vampire lord was found deep in the files, that small find got me to hop back into the game.

So, I guess my goal for this post is to see if anyone else feels the same? I liked the amount of classes and stuff when I started playing, but after a while I realized how little variation the game has when it comes to play style and I got sick of absolutely no word of spell crafting or anything I mentioned above.

Also as a side note: To those who say you can't be a necromancer or oh, you can't be this or that: Alternative starts. It's an MMO for christ's sake, you can be an entirely different character and follow an entirely different main story if Zenimax put their minds to it. Wanna be a necromancer? The price is no soul magic skill line and you get a different story.

That's all I'll say on that though, as this post is supposed to be about the lack of variety in the class system over all.

(Why, after 4 years, can we only still summon 1 atronach when there are literally ice and flame atronach summoning animations similar to the lightning one in the game?????)

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