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I really want to play this game again, but something is holding me back

TheElderScrolls7 - I really want to play this game again, but something is holding me back

I installed this game a few months ago. All this time I couldn't tear myself away from it. I played it day and night. I created my first character. Later, I became more concerned with being useful to the team during dungeons or battlegrounds. Then I decided to watch a few guides on proven builds etc. I realized that I was doing a lot of things wrong from the very beginning. Due to being a very pedantic person, I decided to delete my character and create it again. Since then, I've been launching this game less frequently, and in the last few days – almost not at all. It's not that I went through it all and I already know everything about it (I only managed to go through the whole Vvardenfell map, I didn't even finish the main guest). I feel like I'm burned out, which is weird because I love every aspect of this game and I consider it to be the best MMORPG I've ever played. Do you have any advice on how to get back into the game and play it back excitedly? If so, I would be very grateful


Edit: I would like to mention a few details that I have either forgotten or missed before. Based on your comments, I conclude that they are quite relevant to clearing up a few ambiguities. Namely, when creating my character for the first time, I did so with the assumption that I would use it as a "guinea pig". I wanted to be able to test various gameplay mechanics, etc. Therefore, it is obvious that I was aware of the fact that there is an option to respect my attributes and skills, which I used almost every time I leveled up to try something new. When I reached 160 CP, I decided that the game was not able to surprise me with anything, because I sensed a kind of monotony of the game. For this very reason, I was finally able to create a character that I could completely get familiar with and enjoy the storyline that the game offered me.
As I mentioned – I am a very pedantic person. First of all, I wanted to understand the game mechanics before embedding a role-play character in it. I was obsessed with the fact that this "desired" character should not have any flaws in the form of corrections of possible imperfections, e.g. by being constantly respecced. The reason I removed this character is because I didn't need it anymore, because I learned what I wanted and what I shouldn't be doing. You can also say that I did it for my own psychological comfort, because I did not want an unnecessary character to occupy my place unnecessarily on the list of characters. At first, I didn't regret removing it, because that was the idea from the very beginning. Actually I started to regret when I found out that I could use it as a so-called "mule" (no need to explain this). Anyway, it all went as planned, but I didn't anticipate that once I hit my goal, I would get bored of the game to such an extent. And here we are – this is the reason that I've already taken a break for a good two months, from what I remember.

Btw I would like to thank all of you for your time and advice. Based on them, I am now able to find a suitable solution to my reluctance to play ESO again. Honestly, I didn't expect such a response. You can be sure that I read each comment in its entirety and draw useful knowledge from it, for which I thank you once again. I can only tell you that I hope we will meet eachother somwhere in Tamriel very soon.

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