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I tanked all vet DLC dungeons (thoughts, review, ranking)

TheElderScrolls3 - I tanked all vet DLC dungeons (thoughts, review, ranking)

«Now do em all on HM lmao» (everyone)

Two weeks ago I bought ESO plus because base vets became too easy for me and I wanted a real challenge. Now two weeks had passed and DLC vets are no more.

Overall I can say that mostly it was fun and pretty challenging. My goal was to become a better tank and I think I’ve done it. I remember a while ago I was scared to go into vet Direfrost Keep to get my Iceheart as a DD and now I’m tanking DLC vets, crazy right? No HM, no vet trials, but I guess after DLC vets you become more decent than you were before.

I’m tanking for about 2 months now and I basically tanked all the stuff from scratch. I think it’s pretty cool. So if you want to tune into tanking, go for it, it’s not that hard. Watch YouTube, streamers, ask people for advice, practice and you will make it.

Different people have different results over different time. Some will tank vet trials after a month of tanking, some will tank them after a year of gaining experience. It’s all comes down to you, how you can and want to play. So don’t listen to anyone if they tell you that you must do that or this. This is a game goddamit, play as you can and as you like (unless you have zero DPS in vet content, that’s not cool, try to get okay DPS first).

I tanked all DLC vets, well now what? HMs? Trials? As one wise man once said – «No, I don’t think I will». Because if there’s one thing I learn after this little journey, is that you need a good, at least ok team to beat anything. Even if you’re JDUB or Nefas level of tanking you won’t do shit with zero DPS team. That’s why I don’t think I’ll be doing HMs. Because 1) I don’t have that or any team to do that. I maybe will do them ocasionally if someone from the guilds will agree to hang out. 2) I actually don’t care that much. I know I can do it if I’ll have a lot of time time and a decent team.

The same goes for a trials. I’m not a fan of playing with a mic (I guess if you're tank you should say stuff) and I have no motivation to do trials whatsoever. I feel pretty good in a 4 man content. Actually I might won’t be playing ESO at all. Maybe will play it time to time like I used to do before, I don’t know yet. For now I just wanted to try tanking for myself and finally get good at the game. I did it and it was awesome.

I want to say a big thank you to all the people who helped me – my group mates, youtubers and streamers from who I learned stuff, some guys here on reddit who were very kind and supportive with advices.

Anyway, that journey was a lot of fun and now I’m going to rank and review all DLC dungeons.

My criteria:

  1. Vet, non HM.
  2. Tank perspective (Warden).
  3. My personal experience. Some dungeons I did earlier (less practice), some dungeons I did with more experience. Some groups were really good, some ok.

DLC vet dungeons

  1. White Gold Tower
  2. Falkreath Hold
  3. Imperial City Prison
  4. Ruins of Mazzatun
  5. Cradle of Shadows
  6. March of Sacrifices
  7. Scalecaller Peak
  8. Lair of Maarselok
  9. Fang Lair
  10. Depths of Malatar
  11. Frostvault
  12. Moongrave Fane
  13. Bloodroot Forge
  14. Moon Hunter Keep

1) White Gold Tower

Easiest dungeon in the whole world. In fact even easier than some base game vets. Also haven’t noticed any difference on HM and non HM. Pretty fun place however.

2) Falkreath Hold

One of my favourite dungeons location wise. Not hard at all, but you can die multiple times if you won’t be paying attention to mechanics (literally like every other dungeon), especially in the last boss fight. Also as a tank you need to hold minotaurs and block their heavy attacks. They’re not as tough as Bloodroot Forge bulls, but you should be careful too.

3) Imperial City Prison

Second boss. If you kill him, basically you beat the dungeon. Lord Warden not that hard in my opinion. Second boss however… You need to do mechanics, all your team. Or flesh atros will tear your group apart.

4) Ruins of Mazzatun

Big guys hit hard. Always taunt and block. Last boss can be a pain in the ass if you don’t know mechanics and don’t work as a team. If you have low DPS, it’s really hard to kill last boss because of totems mechs. Also in that dungeon you can see the best tank build in the game when you get cursed. It’s called the ultimate taunt guy. Really strong.

5) Cradle of Shadows


Ngl I was carried there and I did that dungeon before I decided to tank DLC vets. So I don’t really remember how hard or not it was. I guess not that hard if I was able to tank that being quite a noob. Advice – listen to smart guys in your group and try not to die.

6) March of Sacrifices

Tarcyr is one of the best boss fights in the game. Jk. It’s horrible and I don’t like it at all. Last boss too. Not into puzzle fights at all. Actually not very easy dungeon since it has very important mechs, which once again will kill you if you don’t know them.

7) Scalecaller Peak

Harder than all the previous dungeons but not as hard. It all comes down to mechanics. You know what to do, your group knows – you’re good. As a tank hold big guys, stack, taunt and block everything – as usual. Also stand in poison pools and block. First and the last bosses can be very tricky. Very fun dungeon though.

8) Lair of Maarselok

Tree and second to last bosses are harder than Maarselok himself (non HM). It took me a while to get what I need to do even though I knew the mechanics. Fun fact – I was kicked twice in a row from that dungeon from the same guys because of low CP (500+) XD Eventually I beat it with another group. Those guys were awesome. Fun fact 2 – it was my last DLC vet.

9) Fang Lair

You pug, you breeze through the dungeon and then it’s Thurvokun. Took me two tries and a lot of group members to beat it. Big thanks to JDUB because of his vid I was able to handle the shalks by myself. Tip – you need to immobilize them (Gripping Shards – Warden, Talons – DK, Other classes – other CC stuff, Idk) as soon as they appear. And also you need to always be moving and repositioning the boss from his poison AOE. From one side of the room to another and so on.

10) Depths of Malatar

There are two main things for a tank in this dungeon. First – Watchers. Try to hold them and not die, they hit really hard even through block. There will be tons of them in the sphere boss fight, it’s important for you (tank) not to die and hold them while DDs killing spheres and stuff. Second thing – last boss, second phase. And it’s a problem for the whole group. You need to avoid «walls» or you will be oneshoted. Overall awesome dungeon and Frozen Watcher set as a nice bonus.

11) Frostvault

Oh Frostvault. With goblin king, dwemers, lasers, ogres, crazy AOEs, mechanics and a lot of fun. This is just one of the hardest dungeons in the game. Great for testing your tank skills and whatever you wish. Very rewarding though because you get Stonekeeper (great tanking set) and the ice dwemer spider pet 🙂

12) Moongrave Fane

There’s only one reason I put Bloodroot higher than Moongrave – and that is my experience. Bloodroot was one of my first DLC vets while Moongrave was one of my last. Also I pugged into Moongrave and fought only two last bosses, unintentionally skipping everything else. However it was enough for me to understand the toughness of that dungeon.

When I pugged on last 2 bosses one dude said to me – «It’s very hard, you can’t do it, believe me». I said that I’ll try but if you need a better tank, then kick me. After 3-5 attempts 2 guys left and wish us luck. Then other people came and we fkn slayed it. At my first try. Of course that group had very good DPS. I didn’t die on the last boss either (one time I was near death but heal saved me). It was awesome and tough.

13) Bloodroot Forge

Bulls hitting like a truck and the last boss. For me as a newbie tank it was a nightmare. In the end I got carried a little. I think now I would do better but back then it was a wipe festival. One of the hardest bosses in the game in my opinion. Mostly because of AOEs and positioning.

14) Moon Hunter Keep

The easiest dungeon ever and if you can’t do it on vet and can’t hold thousand werewolves for two hours while your DDs nuking second to last boss with a light attacks you fkn suck and you should feel bad. I’m just kidding. But that was my experience with this dungeon. Of course, every dungeon is easy with a good group with high DPS and everyone knowing mechanics. In other cases it’s hell.

I think that’s it. 11-13 places can be swapped between each other, other stuff is pretty stable for me.

Thanks for reading.

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    Nov 15, 2020 8:21 pm

    I am a casual and none of vet dungeons in hard mode are difficult, not even with a public group.

    Difficult line begins with veteran dlc trials and there “your way of playing” will not work. They are like stupid geometry questions asking jyst a specific formula.

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