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I think it’s time to talk about Ice Storm..

TheElderScrolls9 - I think it’s time to talk about Ice Storm..

I’ve played this game over 2 years and have seen a lot of shit come and go. For the most part I think all nerfs we’ve seen were justified. But there are some cards for one reason or another escaped the nerf hammer. These are cards that if you ask anyone to give you their top 10 best (most OP) cards they would undoubtedly include these.

Ice Storm Sower of Revenge Conscription Squish Rage Cast Into Time DV (both lanes)

The list goes on.

Nothing in my opinion even comes close to the power level of Ice Storm. It only recently occurred to me how often it’s played and how often it outright wins the game. It’s literally a win condition on its own. Play ice storm, draw late game greed. Play anything after it doesn’t matter.. the game is over. That’s control in a nutshell. They live and die by ice storm. I challenge anyone to say otherwise. I challenge the devs to look at win rates when games are won by ice storm.

This has been around so long we don’t even question whether it’s fair/balanced or not. you can still win if your board is wiped with lots of card draw.. but why is the reason we tech lots of card draw? Ice storm.

It’s the perfect answer to aggro and comes at the perfect time with a cost of only 6 for often a complete board wipe. It’s one card verses there many. One card.


It’s so prevalent and widely used that you can’t run a bunch of 3 health or less creatures without taking a major gamble. There’s only a few aggro classes that can withstand ice storm.

You can’t even survive it with 4 health creatures because they will trade their small stuff into it before.

I’m not here to suggest how to nerf ice storm, I’m here to point the finger and tell you the actual fact of the matter why control decks are oppressive. It’s this fucking card. Single target removal can’t do it alone.

Oh I love ice storm when I’m playing control you bet. But I know damn well it’s the reason I won. I’d wager the vast majority of control players recognize it as well. I could play 50 card control mage right now and run 3 ice storms and have at least a 50% win rate or better I guarantee. This card is all I really need.

So the question is what is a card like that worth? what is the actual value of ice storm. It’s a hell of a lot more than 6 in my opinion. I think it’s low cost comes because it damages your own creatures but that is irrelevant 95% of the time. You play it when you don’t have a board and they do.

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