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I think my magblade is broken?

TheElderScrolls8 - I think my magblade is broken?

Yes, that's tongue-in-cheek but my god am I having issues. My main is a stamblade at about level 450, so the magblade is there too. I'm having trouble clearing even 10k DPS on a 3 mil target skeleton and I feel like I should be able to do close to 20k easily; I am mostly following Alcast for now:

Gear is Siroria armor ("imperfect", all divine), Mother's Sorrow inferno staves and jewelry (staves are infused; jewelry is arcane), Valkyn Skoria head/shoulders (one piece divine, the other infused bc I don't have enough transmute crystals). All but jewelry is legendary, jewelry is epic.

Mundus stone is the Thief, CP allocation is based on Alcast's CP 600 suggestions, food buff is Witchmother's with essence of spell power potions.

I have all suggested skills with the exception of Channeled Acceleration and Inner Light, which I still need to level up.


I'm still getting the hang of the dynamic rotation that's necessary to get max DPS on a magblade so I'm currently using the static rotation: Siphoning Attacks/Merciless Resolve kept up at (theoretically) all times (for me it's probably 90% of the time; sometimes I'll be a second or two off on reactivating) then LA -> Elemental Blockade -> LA -> Twisting Path -> LA ->Crippling Grasp -> LA -> weapon swap -> Elemental Weapon -> LA x4, repeat. I'm pretty good at consistent LA weaving, though I sometimes mess up the LA/Elemental Weapon thing (I'm used to the dagger-wielding stamblade and her LA+Surprise Attack spammable, which is a bit of a different motion than LA + Elemental Weapon).

I feel like I should easily be able to hit at least 15k with that. I have watched videos of parses with a similar rotation and at this point I just do not get why my DPS is so low. This toon is only about a month old; is it just a matter of getting a better feel for this??

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Any words of wisdom, or is anyone willing to share their magblade setup? I created this character to help farm transmute crystals for my stamblade, but at this pathetically-low DPS I can't take her into the vet HM pledges or trials, which are my major sources of crystals…

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