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I understand the focus on Conscription, but…

TheElderScrolls1 - I understand the focus on Conscription, but...

I think it's slightly misguided. Not because it's not completely broken or busted – it is, and it completely warps the game and should not exist. But because there's one other massively glaring problem that is at least partially responsible for the game's deeper issues: ongoing supports.

Many decks are based around ongoing supports. Many ongoing supports have already been nerfed. And how were they nerfed? The same way for each and every one: by making it cost more (off the top of my head, Northwind Outpost, Haunted Manor, Hist Grove, and I think at least one more). That doesn't fix the problem, which is that the effect is too good to begin with.

See, Conscription and ongoing supports have the same problem: in a game designed around grinding out value, these cards simply provide far more value than the average card while having far less ways to counteract them than creatures. Even now, very few decks don't run supports, whether it's Namira's Shrine, Divine Fervor, or something else. It is impossible to outvalue these decks. As a result, the only option is to go under them, so every time they make a support cost more, all they are doing is incentivizing aggro play more.


There are only four playable cards that deal with supports: Dushnikh Yal Archer, Edict of Azura, Shadowfen Priest, and Belligerent Giant. That's it. For one, those cards are all expensive. Whereas creature removal often costs less than the creature it is removing, these supports are often trading even or just barely up. More importantly, there is no way to stop them from coming down like Hallowed Deathpriest and many of them have an immediate impact before they can be responded to. Because of the lack of sideboards present in Magic to deal with artifacts and enchantments, cards that only destroy supports like Vicious Dreugh simply aren't playable.

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Basically, whereas in Magic, you can deal with artifacts/enchantments by forcing them to be discarded, or countering them, or destroying them immediately with instants, you can't, uh, do any of that here. Only two colors even have access to the removal, and it's expensive, and you can't play it in enough quantity. And the good effects are stupid powerful. Making them more expensive doesn't make them less good, it just makes it more important to get in under them.

Maybe I'm missing something here. Conscription is broken, and I don't need to go into the reasons why, but it's ongoing supports that have consistently caused the most problems with this game, that have consistently needed nerfs, and that continue to cause significant problems. There needs to be significantly more and significantly better ways to deal with them or they need to be significantly worse than they are.

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