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I want to give a shout-out to the guys that came to my wedding in Vulkhel Guard on PS4.

TheElderScrolls13 - I want to give a shout-out to the guys that came to my wedding in Vulkhel Guard on PS4.

I don't know if anyone involved browse this sub but I'll tell the story here in the hopes that they see and recognize it, and see that they're amazing

This happened just the other day on PS4, the first day of the anniversary event, and I never got the chance to tell the story until now.

Me, my two best friends, and my fiance were in a group and I was helping her with quests in Auridon. She just started the game recently so I made a new character to quest along with her, since some quest areas change when you finish them. My best friends were just doing the daily crafting until they would come to help as well.

We were talking about getting the most Exp we can get since it's the anniversary event, and I told my fiance we could get married in the game and it'll give us an extra little boost. She was all for it and I bought the Mara wedding thing. My best friends came to participate, one of them being the priest, and the other being the music man.

As a joke I said "I should invite everyone in the zone", and they thought it would be funny if people did come. So I typed into the chat saying we were having a wedding in Vulkhel Guard and that everyone was invited. Then I went into my inventory to change outfits into a dress (my character was a girl) and my fiance was buying her own dress from the store.


When I came out of my inventory and looked around there were between 6 and 10 other people gathered around, performing a bunch of different ceremonious emotes, drinking wine, one of them even joined my friend playing music. We were all laughing and confused saying "I wasn't actually expecting that to happen".

We completed the ceremony and after we finished the animation, everyone started cheering, throwing flowers, one guy was even crying. Then within seconds, everyone put down their anniversary cakes and we all celebrated. We said thank you to everyone and there were "No problems", smiles, and someone said "Wouldn't miss it!"

After it was all said and done, me and my friends were proud of what just happened and my fiance was actually tearing up and was saying "That was so beautiful".

On the off chance that the guys that were there read this, I just want you all to know that you're awesome. You made my day and you made my fiance cry happy tears and made her feel all giddy the rest of the day. You're the real MVP's.


Me and my fiance had a wedding in Vulkhel Guard and a bunch of strangers participated and celebrated, and the whole experience was wholesome af.

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