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I was wrong about morrowind…

TheElderScrolls1 - I was wrong about morrowind...

So morrowind waz my first elder scrolls and I remember bitching and complai ing about the dumbing down of the series when oblivion came out.

Skyrim nerfs it even more and I was heartbroken. Hated the story and plotlines too and foumd being these special dragonborn ridiculous and something that belonged in one of the lame fantasy novels that were the only fantasy novels before GRR martin proved fantasy was not just for children and slowminded adults. Worst of all the guilds. You go from nothing to master in no time! Ridiculous !!!

Then I went and became homeless with only an android phone to my name. Missed out on all the covid relief stuff since I had no address for UE and was evicted before the pandimic blew up. Well when i realized Morrowind was playable on android I was beyond thrilled.

Oh did I miss remember it. The quests are hardly more than fwtch quests. They are beyond simple. Go kill this man. Go bring me four Sujammas. Oh its boring and the guild quests have a little extra flavor from the quezt giver (like the kahgit mage implying she is just using you to do her own objectives for her lol or when you realize the telvanni are all just sending you tp steal shit from the other leaders if not outright kill them) but these are the exceptions and even they suck most are even more plain amd suck more. Magic is cool and is way better than oblivion and skyrim magic so ill give em that.


My god the story sucks. I remembered this great story and lore but its not there! It was all books I was renembering. The actual mainquest plot is beyond basic and is not believable at all. Cassius just has you ask a few ppl a out neverine stuff and then says the emporer said you were no explanation as to why the emp thought this orther being one of many people with the same astrological sign. Cassius sends you on one fighting quezt and then one quest to get cured (which was great) and leaves and now you gotta make the leaders of all houses and tribes name you the nerevarine.. How? By doing a super some fetch quest for each of them of course. They will all do it for one simple quest each even if your an argoinan or something amd naming you would piss off all their subordinates, still no complaints. This whole part killed my auspension of disbelief entirely. Anyways two easy dungeon fetch quests and your at degoth who is easier than Alduin! And i was intentionall unlevveled at like 12 amd beat him first try… Lame! Plus I actually agrees with ol dagoth about the forigners destroying morrowind and so my altruistic character would have gladly helped him drive out those invader scum if he had let me.

Overall i liked magic, that containers dont reset, enchanting armor for constant effect summons,jumps,light ect.Books And the music. But thats about it. I complained of skyrim being shallow but at least npcs had unique dialouge, in morrowind all npcs in the same city share the same dialogue topixs with the same answers for the most part.

Skyrim is a much better game for roleplaying and is actually far more advanced despite it removing a few terrible things that I misremembered as good (like slowass skywalking)

So i was wrong and overcame my nostalgia. Now its clear that oblivion has the best writing and more interesting looking world and Skyrim has the best gameplay leaving morrowind as the unloved stepchild who could not match his successors in writing or gameplay.

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