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I wish Modryn Oreyn teamed up with you on the final Fighters Guild quest [FG spoilers]

TheElderScrolls1 - I wish Modryn Oreyn teamed up with you on the final Fighters Guild quest [FG spoilers]

A seasoned warrior, a laconic badass and a freakin' Champion of the Fighters Guild, this Dunmer is a tough son of a gun. He showed his
800px OB quest Azani Blackheart - I wish Modryn Oreyn teamed up with you on the final Fighters Guild quest [FG spoilers]

800px OB quest Azani Blackheart - I wish Modryn Oreyn teamed up with you on the final Fighters Guild quest [FG spoilers]
prowess against that that big knave Azani Blackheart, helped you interrogate a punk-ass Argonian, and later was such a total bro as to have your drugged-up ass picked up from an alley down in Leyawiin and hauled all the way up to Chorrol where he helped you recover in his humble abode. The point is, he's been with you through quite a bit, but by the Nine was there potential for so much more.

The Blackwood Company – he's had a vendetta with those guys for years. They've been taking a big chunk of his Guild's pie with their shady business practices. They've been poaching fighters from his very own ranks. They took the life of his Grandmaster's son, who was under his tutelage, which got him sacked. Their infamous deeds have tarnished his own reputation, as well as that of his beloved Guild, an institution that he cares for immensely. After how much invested on exposing the Company and how much suffering they have caused him, I feel like it would have been such a satisfying climax for Modryn Oreyn's character arc if the plot had him join you personally in the final clash at the Blackwood Company headquarters.

The battle inside would be the stuff of legends – Modryn fuckin' Oreyn and the Hero of Kvatch double-teaming on the powerful Ri'Zakar and his entire army of doped up mercenaries. It would be like straight up from an action movie! After fighting your way to the basement and slaying all the drug-making Argonians around the Hist Tree, I can just imagine Modryn Oreyn exclaiming "This is it!" then commenting how the Hist Tree was made a perversion of nature, a monstrosity surrounded by alien machinery, before concluding that there must be a way to sabotage the machinery and that you should look around for something to jam between its cogs.

Now when you do sabotage it, imagine the look on his face as he watches the Tree burn! I wager it would be a look filled with sheer relief and delight – a grizzled veteran seeing his one last job turn out a success, the enemy of Fighters Guild – *his* guild – being utterly vanquished.

At that moment Maglir would suddenly burst in together with his Argonian homie and maybe an extra Blackwood Company merc or two, whine that you "ruined everything" and gang up on you for the ultimate epic showdown. Once this sudden threat gets disposed of, Modryn Oreyn would express displeasure about killing his ex-subordinate then say that the two of you should hurry back to Chorrol.

Below is a little rundown on how I would tweak the Fighters Guild Finale. Changes to dialogue are in bold italic, I made sure to overwrite as little vanilla dialogue as possible.

Infiltration quest:


— After waking up in Modryn Oryn's shack and telling him about Hist Sap, Modryn will express his shock as normal, but will then say "I'm concerned about Water's Edge I want you to accompany me back there. Let's make sure the Company hasn't ousted the residents. Lay low". He will then become your follower and travel with you until you reach Water's Edge and talk to Marcel Amelion.

— Immediately after exiting dialogue with Amelion, Modryn will approach you and say the lines "No… The entire town… I realize you must be disgusted with yourself. I am sorry for that. It was the hist sap though, not you." "We now know the threat this group poses. Perhaps better than they themselves know it. We must take the decisive action now.". The quest will then be completed then and there, sparing you from needlessly travelling back to Chorrol, and will make a perfect springboard for what comes next.

— Anytime you stop to talk to him before meeting Amelion, after exiting conversation he will say "Get a move on!" instead of "I'm waiting."

— You can tell him to wait or follow you again just like in the Azani Blackheart quest.

The Hist quest:

— Modryn will wander around Water's Edge until you talk to him to trigger the quest, mentally preparing for the final showdown, taking shelter under the thatched roof of the stable when it's raining. Upon entering dialogue he will say "It is time for decisive action. I have one more duty for you to perform."

— Triggering the quest will have him say *"This Tree is the source of our problems (…)" "*We must find a way to destroy the Hist, though I can imagine Ri'Zakar will have it well guarded. Expect an unfriendly welcome at their hall". He will then become your follower again, and it's quite convenient that you're now starting the quest in Water's Edge given that it's quite close to the Blackwood Company's HQ in Leyawiin.

— Ja'Fazir's comment "You are no longer one of us! Fighters Guild spy! Traitor! Your life is forfeit!" will no longer appear like a baseless accusation. He can easily deduce that you're from the Fighters Guild after seeing that Modryn Oreyn is at your side!

— reintroduce the disabled Blackwood Company assassin to make the fight more challenging.

— once you kill everyone in the basement, Modryn Oreyn comments about the Hist Tree then tells you to find something to sabotage the engine.

— after destroying the Hist Tree, Maglir will confront you with Jee-Tah and a few more Blackwood mercs, and the two of you will have to kill them. Modryn will comment on Maglir's demise before giving you his vanilla "Well done!" speech where he says the Blackwood Company is again just another band of mercenaries. He will gift you Helm of Oryn Bearclaw then and there, and usher you to tell Vilena Donton about your exploit. This is where he'll stop being a follower and will proceed to travel to his shack in Chorrol, where you will later find him painting merrily his famous masterpiece.

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