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I wish word wall dungeons would have done this…

TheElderScrolls6 - I wish word wall dungeons would have done this...

Actually using the shout you learned to clear the dungeon in some way.

So like instead of just being at the very end of the dungeon, they were placed midway or even right before the final fight of the dungeon. The only way you could defeat the boss, get the loot, or escape the dungeon was to use the shout.

To get past the need for dragon souls, the first tier of a shout is always absorbed by a dragon born when he reads it. To get more powerful versions of the shouts dragon souls are required.

Examples- fire breath- a boss fight against some form of ice monstrosity. Maybe easier version of a karstaag Maybe even a frost mage who summons ice atronachs.

Frost breath- fight against something fire based. Fire dragon mage who is especially weak to the shout?

Slow time- the room leading to the treasure room is a massive hallway with the like 25 pendulum blades swinging back and forth. The only way to get the timing down would be to use slow time to get to the end of the hall

Become ethereal- kind of the same as above. Just a massive trapped room that spells death for anything that isn't ethereal.

Whirlwind sprint (event though you learn the first one from the greybeards)- why not just uave a giant chasm in between you and the loot room, whirlwind shout to get across

Aura whisper- maybe more of a useful shout for a sneak build but maybe once you aquire the shout, a large group of bandits entered the dumgeon and you can use the shout to sneak past them (or just murder them lol)


Animal allegiance- have a cave bear or two right before the boss battle

Disarm- a fight against an enemy that has a really OP (for your level) weapon. Disarm him for victory

Dismay- use it to make the enemy flee from you directly to their death in a trap lol

Elemental fury- battle against a very tanky enemy where you really need the DPS

Ice form- similar to frost breathe. Maybe multiple fire enemies charging you ar once so you need to freeze them solid

Kynes peace- maybe lots of spriggans are in the next room so you soothe them so you can progress.

Throw voice- maybe a du geon where there are 2 opposite factions (like mayeb falmer and bandits) and you can throw the voice and get them to f8ght each other and you can kill the survivors

Unrelenting force- breakable walls throughout the dungeon to get loot.

Idk i know some of these are dumb, but to me it would have made the shouts more memorable rather than "congrats. You beat a boss. Here is a dragon shout!"

Plus we would have actually gotten some use out of shouts that are never used (kynes peace, animal allegiance)

What do you all think? Where are we at modders lol

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