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I would like to draw some attention to PersonOfSecrets’ Midrange-Proactive Control Style!

TheElderScrolls12 - I would like to draw some attention to PersonOfSecrets' Midrange-Proactive Control Style!

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Hello all!

I would like to draw some attention to the deck style played by /u/PersonOfSecrets (POS) in the Masters Series Qualifiers. Please find lists to his latest decks linked at the top of this post.

Semantics: I am not sure whether, in contemporary vocabulary of this game/TESL Slang, this style would be considered Midrange (which I would argue is the classically correct term) or Proactive Control (which was coined by IIRC Silverfuse in the MSQ, refering to Eyenie's Crus list). I think both are correct, so I decided to use both :-)!

What is very cool about POS' lists is that they have a very consistant style accross all of them that is just a little different from the meta lists we've become used to!
Early Game consistent of very defensive, board-controlly tools. The lower echelons of the decks consistent of very few creatures, most with utility that is maintained in the later stages of the game.
Mid Game consists largely of Guards and single-target removal tools. This is where POS can flip the gamestate around and start joining the board with his own creatures, which are supported by a wide array of defensive tools.
Late Game consists of high-value cards, like Supreme Atromancer, Tazkad, Laaneth, Vigilant Giant, Blood Magic Lord. This is where the value in his deck comes from, as almost none of his top-end will be answered 1-for-1 with any consistency, and all represent sizable threats to the opponent.


Generally, the deck consists of limited amounts of draw, somewhat above-average amounts of healing and shifts from an action-based defensive early game to a more pro-active stance in the mid-late game.

Why I want to bring some attention to these decks, is because they reminded me of Eyenie's Midrange Crusader. For many people, Eyenie's deck was a breath of fresh air. It had an approach to the game that became largely absent throughout HOM and into AW. It plays differently, has a lot of options at most stages of the game and doesn't really lose straight-up to any matchup, which is something I personally greatly appreciate about the decks.

I think POS has managed to construct a line-up that quite closely resembles this style.

These decks are not without weaknesses. Because their nature is a little 'jack-of-all-trades', where they can decent matchups into everything, that also means they have no strong matchups. I've learned that it can be hard to deal with highrolling lists. A strong Hlaalu Ring curve may be impossible to stop if they draw chunky early game. A Tribunal Removalstack may 1-for-1 you too many times, making you run out of cards. You may not be fast enough to consistently finish before Tullius' Conscription, or heal out of range with enough offensive pressure against some of the combo decks.

Nevertheless, this style always stands a chance, has a lot of meaningful decisions being made, and therefore, I wanted to give them some time in the spotlight.

Thanks for reading!

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