The Elder Scrolls

I wrote the backstory of my new character. What do you think?

TheElderScrolls8 - I wrote the backstory of my new character. What do you think?


RACE: Breton/Imperial

HOMELAND: Sentinel, Hammerfell

FAMILY: A deceased sailor father, a living mother, a deceased mage wife, a deceased young son.

LIFE STORY: Peter was the product of a night of Sujamma fueled love between a Imperial innkeeper and a Breton Captain in the Imperial navy. His father was a nobleman who

was stationed in sentinel to guard it from pirates, And his mother was originally from Anvil. His father. continued his career in the navy yet only in guarding the portof Sentinel so he could raise his son in one place. His father spared no expense in his sons education. Peter was schooled in everything from Algebra and language tofencing and magic. He idolized his fathers old job as a man who sailed across Tamriel and wished to emulate him when he grew up. And eventually he did grow up into afine young captain in the navy. He sailed to every port in Tamriel on his missions against piracy and other oceanic wastrels. On a routine maintenance check at the Imperial city harbor he developed a fondness for a young Imperial women who was enrolled at the Arcane university. He made the maintenance checks much for frequentso he could stop in the city to court her. He even gained a reputation for running a well organized ship for this behaviour. The young mage returned his advancesand they were married. The entire crew was at the ceremony along with his parents and old friends. He made a request for the Imperial city to be his home port andit was granted. And in a year they had a beautiful baby boy named for the grandfather to care for. Little did he know the danger the city would soon be in. The war with the Dominion was a wake up call for him.


It wasn't pirates he was fighting anymore, It was a navy. He fought valiantly but to no avail. The war was turning for the Imperials. His Father died fighting off the coast of High rock; So close to his home yetso far away. There wasn't anytime to even mourn. He quickly got his wife and son on the next ship for Morrowind. But the Dominion had formed a naval blockade around the mouth of the river.The Dominion sunk the vessels thinking they were disguised naval vessels. His wife and child were dead and he caused it. Peter fought with a renewed vigor to get revenge.But it was of no use. At the battle of the red ring he fought the Dominion fleet one last time. He fought the best he could but his ship now lies at the bottom oflake Rumare. He stayed on the boat as it sunk. Finally giving in. He closed his eyes to the cold blackness and accepted it all. He awoke on the shores of the lake witha Soldier prodding him with a stick to see if he would wake up. When his eyes opened the soldier shouted an obscenity but then called for a restorative mage. Hecame back to his senses a week later. He was caught in a depression now that he had no family and no war to take his mind of it. He drank the next year away.Spending all day in taverns only to fall asleep there and be kicked out by the owner. One day after this cycle he fell asleep in an alley to find another man there.The man helped him off the ground with the intent to help him home only to bite his neck. Peter fell down to the ground once more in pain and drunken stupor. He wokeup feeling ill. He couldn't remember the events off the past day so he just went home assuming he had a cold from sleeping on the ground all night. He slept for threedays only to awake feeling hungry.But this wasn't a hunger food satiated. He had been infected with Vamparism. And it filled him with the strenght he needed to fix his life.He roamed the roads at night seeking lone wanderers to satiate his thirst. Yet there was one thing still wrong. The man who killed his wife and son would pay for what he'd done.

He eventually tracked down the captain who had ordered the attack. He found him with his family in Alinor. They were a obviously a happy family. Yet Peter felt no remorse in changing it.He told the father his crimes and the father told him that it was a war and he regretted his actions but that wasn't enough. He challenged the father to a duel. The father adressed his familybeforehand. He then turned to face Peter. The duel was only the lenght of three sword strokes. Peter stabbed the father between the ribs. He died quickly. His family sat around him crying.Except for the son. The son just glared with a look of pure hatred. Peter took the sword from the dead fathers hand and gave it to the boy. Peter said "Learn to use it well so that you might slay themonster I have become.". He then left. And now he just wanders the world waiting for that boy to end him. His travels eventually took him to skyrim and thats were the main story of the game begins.

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