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Idea: A Way to do the Alliance War Set Without Adding More Three-Color Factions

TheElderScrolls7 - Idea: A Way to do the Alliance War Set Without Adding More Three-Color Factions

So based on datamining people have done, it seems pretty likely that TESL will be getting a set based on the Alliance War from Online soon. Many people are speculating that the set will introduce additional three-color factions to represent the Ebonheart Pact, Daggerfall Covenant, and First Aldmeri Dominon (and presumably two other factions too–maybe the Worm Cult would be one of them?). I think that more three-color factions is most likely what will be happening, but as many people point out, this is not ideal. Three-color factions are inordinately powerful in the meta, and are pushing the classic two-color classes out of the meta. Well, just a moment ago I had an idea for how Sparkypants could handle the Alliance War in a way that did not involve three-color factions, but was still evocative of a faction conflict. Even though it'll likely never happen (if the set IS coming out soon, then it's probably 99% completed by now), I thought it would be fun to share my idea here.

So what if instead of creating three-color factions that represented alliances of three races, Sparky instead made attribute-less cards that are exclusively usable by the three classes associated with the three races of each alliance? Sort of like what Hearthstone did in the Gadgetzan set. And when I say exclusive, I mean only useable by those EXACT deck-types–so no using them in the three-color factions. So an "Ebonheart Soldier" or whatever card would be useable in Crusader (Nords), Assassin (Dunmer), and Scout (Argonian), but not Redoran, Dagoth, or Telvanni. This would allow Sparkypants to give players good control tools that aren't useable in the meta's most oppressive decks right now.


Now, there's a few obvious problems with this idea. Anyone who's played Elder Scrolls Online (or anyone who can count higher than nine) will know that three alliances with three classes each will leave one class hanging. In this case, it's Spellsword (the Imperials). I can think of a couple ways of incorporating them, but none are quite ideal. One is to make Imperials their own faction, representing the government of the puppet Empress Tharn. But it would be kind of underwhelming to have three cool new factions–and oh yeah! A bunch of random Spellsword cards. Another option would be to allow Spellswords to use ANY of the three factions' cards, representing the fact that in the game the non-Deadra-loving Imperials got scattered amongst the three alliances. But this would lead to Spellsword becoming overpowered. A third option would be to designate a subset of the three factions' cards as useable by Spellswords too. Maybe some sort of cycle themed around the Five Companions, ie the ex-Imperial Lyris would be usable by Ebonheart or Spellswords, whereas Sai Sahan would be Daggerfall or Spellswords. This solution is kind of awkward too, but it's my favorite of the bunch.

Anyway, sorry for the idea rant. I know it's not gonna happen, but I just had this thought swirling around in my head and had to share it somewhere…

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