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My favorite part of Elder Scrolls, as I am sure it is with a lot of other fans, is the Daedric Princes. With the newest expansion on the horizon it got me thinking about how they could possibly be cards for Legends, and this is what I believe could be an interesting and meaningful way to add the Daedric Princes in a future expansion. I think the Daedric Princes are too powerful to just be a standalone creature card, and that they should have their own type of card with a unique mechanic to them. We have mainly 4 card types (creatures, items, actions, and supports), and I am unsure as to what these new card types would be called, possibly just Daedric Prince, but they would act like a combination between an action and support card, hear me out.

These cards being used would initially have an effect similar to an action, for example with summoning Molag Bal, the Prince of Domination, you cast this card and then steal (dominate) one of your opponent's creatures, afterwards Molag Ball would move to the center of the screen and ‘concur’ the playing field. He would be the equivalent of a support card, but one that effects both players equally because the lanes would change. The field and shadow lanes would be gone, and a new single lane ‘field of domination’ (or something) would take their place. This new lane would have an effect like ‘if you have the most creatures at the beginning of your turn, destroy an enemy creature, and/or if you have a full lane (8 creatures) at the beginning of your turn, you win’ (see attached picture). This new lane effect would work the same for each player, regardless of who summoned Molag Bal. The main function of these Daedric Prince cards would be, action cards for the person casting them, and then support/field cards for both players after that.

Each deck should be limited to 1 Daedric Prince card that costs 10-12 magicka (at least), and furthermore if that Daedric Prince (ex. Mehrunes Dagon) is exclusively a single-color card like strength, you can only have strength cards in your deck. The Daedric Prince cards would make 1 lane if they are mono-colored, and 2 lanes if they are multi-colored. If there is a Daedric Prince card already in play from the other player, an additional cost would need to be paid in order to summon your Daedric Prince card. For example, Peryite has concurred the playing fields and he is in control, in order to play your Molag Bal card, you need to sacrifice all of your runes, or something along those lines. Each of these penalties should be unique to each Daedric Prince you are attempting to summon. For Molag Bal to be able to defeat Peryite and concur the field, you might lose all of you runes, but perhaps for Azura to concur you must sacrifice 5 max magicka, etc.

Below are the possible color combinations, effects, and lanes for each Daedric Prince card that I could come up with:

Azura (Blue/Purple): (???)

Lanes of Dawn (???), and Dusk (???)

Boethiah (Red/Purple): Choose a creature to battle your opponent.


Lanes of War (each creature in this lane must battle an enemy creature at the beginning of the turn), and Betrayal (each creature in this lane must battle a friendly creature at the beginning of the turn)

Clavicus Vile (Blue/Yellow): ???

Lanes of Lies (???), and Loyalty (???)

Hermaeus Mora (Blue): Choose an action card (all action cards available for choice).

Lane of Knowledge (action effects occur twice)

Hircine (Red/Green): (something with werewolves???)

Lanes of Strength (double strength of all summoned creatures), and Speed (creatures summoned gain charge)

Jyggalag (Colorless): Resets the game; 30 health, all runes restored, 1 Max Magicka, all cards shuffled back into deck for both players.

Lane of Order (no creatures have keywords when summoned)

Malacath (Red/Yellow): (???)

Lanes Isolation (???), and Honor (???)

Mehrunes Dagon (Red): Deal 2 damage to your opponent for each Red creature on the field.

Lane of Might (red creatures can attack twice)

Mephala (Green): (???)

Lane of Secrets (???)

Meridia (Yellow): All undead creatures are banished (hand, field, deck, and graveyard).

Lane of Light (all creatures have guard, and cannot gain cover)

Molag Bal (Purple): Steal an enemy creature.

Lane of Domination (at the beginning of your turn destroy an enemy creature if you control more creatures than your opponent, win if you have a full lane)

Namira (Green/Purple): (???)

Lanes Shadows (???), and Darkness (???)

Nocturnal (Blue/Green): Choose a card to steal from your opponent's deck.

Lanes of Luck (after pilfering gain a random keyword, and cover), and Thieves (after pilfering equip a random item, and gain cover)

Peryite (Green): (???)

Lane of Pestilence (deal 1 damage to each player at the beginning of the turn, then add 1 damage for next turn)

Sanguine (Red/Blue): (???)

Lanes of Debauchery (???), and Thorns (???)

Sheogorath (Colorless): All cards become random (hand, field, deck, and graveyard).

Lane of Chaos (lane changes at the beginning of every turn (madness lanes))

Vaermina (Yellow/Purple): (???)

Lanes of Dreams (???), and Nightmares (???)

This is just a possible way of bringing the Daedric Princes into the game that I feel like does them justice and adds a fun new mechanic. I am curious to see what you all think, and what are your possible effect and lanes for the Daedric Princes. Thank you for reading it all, and please let me know what you think!!!:)

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