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Idea Generation: Creative ways to improve the uses of Low level mats

TheElderScrolls15 - Idea Generation: Creative ways to improve the uses of Low level mats

Now I want your genuine thoughts and ideas on how to do so, please no nay saying, this is supposed to be constructive if anything just fun and creative idea venting, if you want the current model and enjoy the way things are currently done, this post isn't necessarily for you;

I was working today, and was just thinking random shit at the time and I came across an Idea that could possibly be viable and useful in helping Zeni further improve and increase the amount of and viability of new and current builds.I find it funny that a lot of MMO's and games seem to have a disregard for the properties of metals and fabrics and instead just base metals/fabrics as one being stronger than the other rather than their potential uses and properties.

My idea was removing the current level requirements for mats, and providing each mat with it's own unique buff similar to traits and enchants.For example heavy equipment made with a lighter metal will provide a small buff to stamina, or a more magical metal could provide a buff to magicka or a harder metal provide more health/defense/durability, same applies to light and medium equipment and weapons.I understand traits are mostly used for this purpose but I think it could be more interesting and beneficial for expanding certain builds or creating new ones but doing something along the lines of this idea while including separate traits to that gear, it also provides a reason to collect lower level mats other than for refining or making gear for lower level characters or simply just leveling up the the crafting skills, Now you might also be concerned at this point that by removing the level requirements of the mats that would mean finding certain ores, hides, silks/cloths and wood, would be more difficult and harder to find, we could go the route of having ores in certain locations, or we could keep it the same and just praise RNGesus to give us the right mats for what we need. That is one drawback, but a huge benefit is their rarity, their market value has now gone up because demand is much higher for certain metals and the supply is significantly decreased, Note: I'm not too fond of this idea, so if someone has a better way or going about resolving this drawback, speak it.

I guess a simple way to think of it is like with enchanting, with enchanting you have your potency which has different levels of well, potency for lack of a better word (1-10) each level has certain attributes that can buff you and they only get better with each level, then your have your Essence (Fire, magicka, stam, health, disease.. ect) your potency determines the strengths of those effects, depending on how you mix and match the two they can affect what gear they belong on and what they do, the aspect increases the overall strength of the enchantment itself and it's quality.Now for gear this could be like: Blacksmithing for example, they could add two new metals to give us a total of 12, they change the Metalworking skill so that you only need to invest 3 skill points to finish it, each skill point added in gives us 3 different metals to work and find with each one better suited to increase:


Health/Physical Defense/Health regen, Magicka/Spell Resist/Magicka regen, Stamina/Reduced Stamina cost/Stamina Regen, these could be small buffs (think of think of the trait Invigorate a very small trait buff and entirely useless because there's better traits for most builds) small enough to not be useful by itself but meaningful if slotted to each piece of high quality gear. so like a heavy chest piece made with the metal that increases your stamina Regen, it would be a 10 point buff on a normal quality piece but on a gold piece it'll be a 50 point buff, 50 x 7 slots of gear is a 350 point boost to Stam regen not including weapons and jewelry. This could mean a heavy gear build would be able to focus on getting pure damage sets made with the stam regen metal, still getting all their viable enchants and traits.

The second drawback from this is grinding for that one piece of gear your need that's rare and it ends up not dropping with the right metal, I suggest then that Zeni would expand the transmutation system to include transmuting the type of metal the gear is made of into a different kind (that's technically what transmutation is supposed to be…)

TL:DR1: Different kinds of metals provide different buffs, magical metals = magical buffs, harder metals = health/defense, lighter metals = Stamina/cost reduction.Intention is to expand build viability and potentially create new builds, this will be stacking along with traits, enchants and set buffs, I talk about how lower level mats are almost barely useful and the secondary intention is to expand their usefulness and potentially increase their market value.It could be more difficult to simply farm just one resource, say you're max blacksmithing and max level you only find rubedite, this wouldn't work that way anymore, instead you'd be farming different ores at one time.

TL:DR2: I compare it to enchanting in a way similar to the Potency, how potency has certain buffs but with each skill investment those buffs are more effective.

I use blacksmithing as an example: 2 new metals would be added making a total of 12, the metals would be divided up into 3 sets of 3, metalworking skill would be changed from 10 points to 3 points, with each point you unlock the ability to use metals with different traits, the first set would be Health/Magicka/Stamina, second set would be defenses/stamina cost reduction, and the final set of metals would be regens.I note how this would be beneficial and similar to the invigorate trait in how the buffs are small, but very useful as you upgrade the gear, you can for instance focus on mixing and matching gear sets no one would normally combine before to create new builds or make useless ones slightly more viable.

Idea venting over.

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